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Amazon Prime Day will be July 15 & 16

Amazon Prime Day will be July 15 & 16

Amazon is sure getting good at stretching a day. Every year we have “Black Friday Deals Week” and “Cyber Monday Deals Week” so why should “Prime Day” only be a day? Here’s hoping they’re not watering this once glorious holiday down because we’ve seen some good deals each Prime Day, I just feel like the discounts are less impressive every year.

Yes, I speak my mind on this website, I don’t hawk just any crap I don’t believe in like other sites do. 🙂

With that said here’s some of the highlights from Amazon’s Press release:

Amazon Prime Day will be July 15 & 16

Amazon Prime Day will be July 15 & 16

Then there’s a bunch of “Prime Day Product Launches” which look like a bunch of overpriced brands I’ve never heard of likely peddling snake oil. So not much confidence there… Just because a product goes to market doesn’t mean it’s a deal and certainly without any product reviews how do you even know what you’re really getting…?

Yeah, so uh, so far there’s not a whole lot to write home about…

Check for yourself and feel free to disagree with me.


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Why You May Be Unsubscribed from the Mailing Lists at the End of the Month

Why You May Be Unsubscribed from the Mailing Lists at the End of the Month

I hate ads. You can probably tell. There’s none of that garbage clogging up this website. In the same venue of thought, I pay to remove ads from the mailing list service because I can’t bare the thought of you guys getting flashy ad banners in a service being provided to you from me. So to remove ads, I pay for the mailing list service.

Every 2 months or so I clear out subscribers who haven’t opened ANY of the emails sent from that mailing list in the previous 2 months. That makes sure I won’t be paying for robots and subscribers who never even open the emails that get sent. It also ensures that if you’re one of those people who signs up for stuff and becomes too lazy to unsubscribe when it isn’t used that the emails aren’t continually bothering you. Win – win!

Integrity means a lot to me here and I want to make sure everyone is happy. And if you want to stay on the mailing list, make sure you’re opening those emails. 😉

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Friendly Ordering Reminders and FAQs for New Readers

Friendly Ordering Reminder for New Readers

I am so super grateful for everyone who visited and shared links to this site over Amazon’s Prime Day(s?). It makes me so happy that I get to upkeep a website that everyone seems to enjoy. The traffic this year almost broke my server! 😀 I’ll need to upgrade before Black Friday – that’s for sure!

I got a lot of questions on Facebook and I couldn’t respond to everyone because I was so busy, not just in posting deals, but in my personal life. I was on a flight from London when Prime Day began, plus I start a new job next Monday!

I thought I would take the time here to post any answers to questions that came up and of course if you have any more questions you can scroll down and comment or even comment on Facebook and I will update the post.

Friendly Ordering Reminder for New Readers

“The coupons aren’t working for me!”

This was the biggest complaint and of course I understand. Many readers were getting things for free left and right because in this post I listed all coupon deals you can stack multiple coupons with. They worked for some readers and not for others.

As a reminder, I don’t work for Amazon and as such I don’t know what makes people eligilble for the coupons, but there’s a bunch of stuff you can do so that next time I make a post with a bunch of free diapers and baby wipes you’ll have better luck.

Make sure you’re the Primary Prime Member – This means that you’re the family member who pays for the Amazon Prime subscription. I understand that many families share a subscription to cut costs, but trust me Amazon sees the account that pays for the subscription as where to advertise their discounts to most as they control whether the other users on the Prime Account have access.

Make sure you’re signed up for Amazon Family – Back in the day it used to be called “Amazon Mom”, which I hated because I knew of quite a few single Dads who were signed up for it. Basically it’s FREE for Prime Members and gives you access to extra family oriented discounts such as coupons for diapers and wipes… 🙂 I don’t have kids myself, but having access to the Amazon Family discounts helped me find all those FREE deals. 😀

Sign up for an Amazon Baby Registry – I am serious when I say Amazon must think I continually pop them out. I sign up for a baby registry at least once a year and I get access to extra discounts that I can even stack with Amazon Family discounts. This again is FREE and I always have one. I have a baby shower to go to about once every 4 months so I manage to get some quality baby stuff on the cheap! I have a wedding registry too, but those discounts are geared more towards jewelry and TVs. Yes, you can make both private so no one knows. 😉

Sometimes the coupons make be geographically based or only for Prime Members who have spent X amount on Y. These are things you can’t always control so they’re not worth worrying about.

Friendly Ordering Reminder for New Readers

“I was charged tax so it isn’t free!”

Oh my gosh, I know right? 🙁 I live in California which is probably the most heavily taxed state. I would have managed to get so many more free diapers if I lived in a tax free state but for $5/box for something I was going donate made me only score a few.

Many people all over America visit this site every year and some states tax a lot, some states have no sales tax – you’re lucky if you live there! Since there are individual tax rates everywhere I never list taxes in prices. Mostly people expect to get taxed at checkout already so this isn’t something I ever mention.

As for why Amazon still feels the need to tax free products, I am sure it was a change to the law in the past year. I’m not a CPA so I don’t know why this change was made, but if you are a CPA I’d love to hear your input if you have any knowledge.

If you have any questions you can visit Amazon’s sales tax page.

My Subscribe & Save page isn’t showing the prices I agreed to pay at checkout when I used an instant coupon! How do I know what they will actually bill me? This is a common problem because the Amazon S&S page isn’t correctly engineered to show you all the discounts you’re getting. In the above image, these subscriptions which will ship to me in a few days are not taking into account the coupon discount that I used at checkout.

Amazon's BEST Subscribe & Save Deals

If I go to the Amazon Orders page and find the order I made for those makeup removing wipes I can see that my final price will be ONLY $3.15 after the $1.50 coupon and subscribe & save. You will NEVER pay more than what you agree to at checkout for your first subscription!

If you’re new to subscribe & save you can find more subscribe & save answers here >>>

Just a quick note regarding the FREE Honest Company Diapers

“Will the orders actually ship?!”

This question is difficult to answer because I heard from one reader that they cancelled some of the diapers because she was able to order more than the order limit was set to. However another reader ordered a WHOPPING 160 boxes of diapers which she plans to donate locally.

One thing you can do to make sure your subscribe & save items ship right away is to change your S&S delivery date here so you get them as fast as possible before Amazon is able to cancel.

Anymore questions? 🙂 Let me know! I am friendly and happy to answer what I can or point you to where you can get answers.

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Just a quick note regarding the FREE Honest Company Diapers

Just a quick note regarding the FREE Honest Company Diapers

Mine shipped! 😀

I know a lot of you guys were concerned because they were $50 boxes of diapers that ended up being free so I just wanted to let you know that you can rest easy.

Do be sure that you go here and move your subscribe & save orders to ship as fast as possible!

I will be donating the three boxes I snagged to the local women’s shelter as I don’t have kids myself. 🙂

Did you miss this deal? Well why aren’t you signed up for the mailing lists???

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Why You Can’t Access This Website From China

Why You Can't Access This Website From China

Since everyone is making their vacation plans for the summer (even me 🙂 ), I thought I’d talk about the fact that a lot of countries are blocked from visiting this website.

This is my decision and has nothing to do with political censorship, but that there are many sellers from other countries pushing less than stellar products on Amazon. I understand their decision and to be fair, not all products are terrible but about 98% of the sellers who message me are trying to push me to post about their low quality products at terrible prices.

Crappy Deal

The anatomy of a crappy deal from a seller is simple:

  • Lots of keywords stuffed into a product name and perhaps even incorrect punctuation in product names – the most common I see is no space after the comma
  • A discount of less than 10%
  • A low product rating or a product with one or two good reviews which look fake.
  • A deal too good to be true (a seller who basically wants to harvest your email and address for future use.)
  • Electronic products which are not UL certified – a certification which makes sure you as a consumer are protected against electric shocks etc. This can also include chargers for your phone which will end up damaging the life of your battery.

Why You Can't Access This Website From China

After a recent server glitch caused this website to go down, all the country blocks were lost which led to a HUGE influx of messages I got like this. I get pinged on and respond to every message so you can imagine it was frustrating for me to have to do that at such a high volume. So the country blocks were successfully restored a week ago. 🙂

Additionally, looking at the database logs there’s a high amount of traffic from countries like Russia, China and Malaysia who constantly try to break in which makes this website slower for you guys.

Plus, EVERYTHING I post on here concerns Amazon.com, not Amazon.ru or Amazon.cn or Amazon.ca. That means all the products ship to US addresses.

At Jungle Deals Blog, we only deal in quality products. And it IS possible to get quality products at low prices. I don’t feel like I lose anything by blocking these sellers from being able to contact me. I am a fan of small business and I want sellers to succeed but not at the cost to you, the personal cost of making me hate my inbox or damaging the website infrastructure.

Great Deal

The JDB readers mean a lot to me. Every deal I post has been personally evaluated by me to be a good price on a quality product and I won’t clog this website with trashy goods. That’s why we have a blanket policy of NOT accepting any deal submissions from sellers.

If you are a seller looking to get your products out there. I honestly wish you well as I know what it is like to run a small business, but here is not your outlet for exposure and there are plenty of “GLITCH” websites and groups that happily just post anything.

Lastly, I won’t share a list of countries that are blocked besides the ones I’ve mentioned in this post, but if you are going on vacation, living overseas on an army base and have concerns about being able to get your daily deal dose then feel free to contact me at the Facebook page here. 🙂

Thank you for coming to this website every day, I value each one of you and hope you get value from this site.

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