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Why You May Be Unsubscribed from the Mailing Lists at the End of the Month

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Why You May Be Unsubscribed from the Mailing Lists at the End of the Month

I hate ads. You can probably tell. There’s none of that garbage clogging up this website. In the same venue of thought, I pay to remove ads from the mailing list service because I can’t bare the thought of you guys getting flashy ad banners in a service being provided to you from me. So to remove ads, I pay for the mailing list service.

Every 2 months or so I clear out subscribers who haven’t opened ANY of the emails sent from that mailing list in the previous 2 months. That makes sure I won’t be paying for robots and subscribers who never even open the emails that get sent. It also ensures that if you’re one of those people who signs up for stuff and becomes too lazy to unsubscribe when it isn’t used that the emails aren’t continually bothering you. Win – win!

Integrity means a lot to me here and I want to make sure everyone is happy. And if you want to stay on the mailing list, make sure you’re opening those emails. 😉

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