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Amazon Prime Day will be July 15 & 16

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Amazon Prime Day will be July 15 & 16

Amazon is sure getting good at stretching a day. Every year we have “Black Friday Deals Week” and “Cyber Monday Deals Week” so why should “Prime Day” only be a day? Here’s hoping they’re not watering this once glorious holiday down because we’ve seen some good deals each Prime Day, I just feel like the discounts are less impressive every year.

Yes, I speak my mind on this website, I don’t hawk just any crap I don’t believe in like other sites do. 🙂

With that said here’s some of the highlights from Amazon’s Press release:

Amazon Prime Day will be July 15 & 16

Amazon Prime Day will be July 15 & 16

Then there’s a bunch of “Prime Day Product Launches” which look like a bunch of overpriced brands I’ve never heard of likely peddling snake oil. So not much confidence there… Just because a product goes to market doesn’t mean it’s a deal and certainly without any product reviews how do you even know what you’re really getting…?

Yeah, so uh, so far there’s not a whole lot to write home about…

Check for yourself and feel free to disagree with me.


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