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Why I contacted 9 other deal bloggers today…

Why I contacted 9 other deal bloggers today...I feel compelled to say something about this as it is becoming a problem. The above image is of code from another deal blog’s website which just copied and pasted a deal I posted this morning.

Copying and pasting my website’s original content to your own deal blog is copyright infringement.

Today I had to contact 9 other deal blogs for just blatantly copying and pasting content from this website. The website I have put 2 years of my heart and soul into. The website I wake up at 4am to update while I also still hold another full time job. Those coupon round ups take me HOURS too!

I am not going to name anyone that I had to contact today, but this is a real problem. If you are too lazy to post your own content to your website then you don’t deserve any readers. I am not afraid to file DMCA takedown notices if content isn’t removed.

DMCA takedown notice

I only have to run this query in Google’s search to find out who is stealing my content.

What does this mean for readers? Nothing really. 🙂 Only that you made the right choice in reading this blog if people keep trying to copy it. No other blog will give you huge lists of coupon match-ups or let you know sooner about price mistakes. Look how much this site grew last year!

I want to thank all my loyal readers for your support. All your comments, and notes have helped me stay sane enough to run this site to the best of my ability on small amounts of sleep. It brings me so much happiness to see you guys coming back.

Some engineers and I are working on some additional deal tools for you to use so I am so excited for those to be available soon! Stay tuned, big things are coming! 🙂

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