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My Amazon Haul! (2/10/2015)

Recently I began sharing the items I have snagged when the deals have been hot! Below are some of the items I managed to pick up in some of the recent sales. I don’t think any of these deals are available any more – they were just that hot!

Zippo Hand warmer

If you guys were on the site Sunday you saw me post twice about this hot deal on the Zippo Hand Warmer for $10 [unavailable now], but priced at $12.84 which still isn’t bad. If you are one of JDB.com’s Boston readers you probably snagged one too! Boyfriend was very happy to have received this as a gift as he volunteers on historical railways during the winter and his hands get cold even with gloves!

Holmes Heater with Programmable Timer & Bathroom Safe Plug, $24.49 (reg. $44.99), BEST Price!

I snagged the Holmes Heater with Programmable Timer & Bathroom Safe Plug for $24.49 (reg. $44.99) mentioned here [unavailable now]. Pretty excited about it as it was cheaper than the 3 other space heaters I have around my apartment, plus, it also has a programable timer so I can preheat the place before I wake up! The packaging says “bathroom heater” but I don’t think there is anything wrong with using it to pre-heat the downstairs before I wake up. I may live in California, but Northern California gets pretty darn cold and space heaters help keep heating costs down.

Sterling Silver Round Clear Cubic Zirconia with Pave Border Stud Post Earrings $17.99 (reg. $85.00)
I snagged these Sterling Silver Round Clear Cubic Zirconia with Pave Border Stud Post Earrings for $12.59 (reg. $85.00) after a coupon code which is [now unavailable], mentioned here.

Sterling Silver Round Clear Cubic Zirconia with Pave Border Stud Post Earrings

I haven’t been able to take a photo which does them justice but they are BEAUTIFUL in person and I am so happy with my purchase! Amazon has really stepped up their jewelry game and you can bet I will be purchasing myself some more pieces from them!

Also, if you didn’t know, Amazon has free returns for all jewelry purchases. So if they didn’t come as sparkly as I would have liked I would have sent them back at no cost to me and full refund would be issued to my account.

FLASH Metallic Temporary Jewelry Tattoos

Finally, I received my FREE FLASH Metallic Temporary Jewelry Tattoos which I got through SnagShout.com and shipped by Amazon. If you haven’t read my adventures with snagshout.com already, you should know they are a free service which provides you with free and discounted products in return for Amazon reviews! I wrote a review for these Free Metallic Tattoos [now unavailable] and now I will be able to choose another product I would like to review.

SnagShout.com Offers

When I filtered by free products this time I saw a whole bunch of free vitamins but with all the controversy recently surrounding whether these unregulated substances actually contain the things they say they do I would not choose those products. The only non-supplement product I found available for free was 100ft of Forest Camo paracord which is a great deal for free if you consider it sells on Amazon for $15. SnagShout.com also has plenty of discounted products which I have highlighted a couple above. However, since I am not into buying things I don’t need, even for free, I will probably check back with SnagShout.com next week to see what they have for $0 shipped.

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