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What You Can Do Now To Prepare for Amazon Prime Day — July 12th!

Amazon is Gearing Up for Prime Day!

Prime Day is coming up July 12th! Here’s how you can prepare now to make sure you get the best deals.

Amazon Prime Day Lightning Deals

Become an Amazon Prime Member – I know 95% of you who read this blog are Amazon Prime Members but believe it or not 5% are not! It’s $99 a year which at first sounds like a lot but when you realize the value you get out of it in gas savings, streaming, lots of low cost products, household deals, lightning deals, discounts on gift cards, photo storage and more it pays for itself 10 times over! Plus, Amazon Prime Day is to reward Prime Members! No Prime membership, no deals for you! Sign up here or at least get a 30 day free trial >>>

What You Can Do Now To Prepare for Amazon Prime Day -- July 12th!

Bookmark this Prime Day page – Amazon already has a few deals live and you know that they are saving their very best deals for Prime Day. This page should be your second destination for finding the best Amazon deals after this website of course. 😉 Most of the deals will go live on the page but you won’t find things like coupons or more targeted deals so it’s a good idea to keep checking back here.

Prime Day Offer: Get $30 off your purchase of $150 or more with the Amazon.com Rewards Visa CardGet an Amazon Visa Rewards Card – This year Amazon is offering $30 off a purchase of $150 or more which is an upgrade last year of their offer of $20 off a purchase of $100 or more! While the card itself has an outrageously high APR, it has no annual fee so as long as you can pay it off on time you can reap the rewards. You can apply for a visa card here and usually get approved immediately. Note: you have to be approved by July 9th to grab this offer for Prime Day July 12th!

Prime Day

Plus, right now for select customers they’re giving out a $50 gift card on approval! 🙂 Get 1% back in Amazon credit on all purchases, 2% back at gas stations, restaurants & drugstores, plus 3% back on all Amazon purchases. Apply here >>>

Prime DayApply for an Amazon Store Card – Better than the Amazon Visa Rewards card you get 5% back on all purchases on Amazon in the form of statement credit. This one also has a very high APR so if you get one make sure to fully pay it off within the grace period. After approval select customers get a $20 Amazon Credit. Scroll down to the special offers section of this page to see if your quality.

Similar to the Amazon Visa Card it’s basically a credit card but you can only use it at Amazon.com. It’s funny because they send you a physical card in the mail, but the card information is automatically entered into your account immediately after you’re approved. Take a look at the Amazon Store Card here >>>

Join Amazon Family

Join Amazon Family – If you’re already an Amazon Prime member you can join Amazon Family for FREE here. The biggest opposition I hear to this is people say “but I don’t have a family” or “I don’t have kids”. Well guess what? I don’t have kids either and it isn’t like Amazon checks. I’ve scored so many amazing deals on wipes and diapers that have made really useful gifts to friends at their baby showers. Get an Amazon Family Membership or 30 day FREE Trial >>>

Here's Why You Should Get an Amazon Baby Registry -- Even If You're Not Pregnant

Amazon Registry – Like I said, I am not a mother and I don’t have a baby on the way but I always keep an Amazon Registry going. This is because once every few months Amazon sends out special targeted baby discounts to those with Amazon Registries and since I am close to 30 and lots of my friends are having baby showers I can score awesome discounts on things like clothes and new born diapers to truly shower my friends with gifts. The BEST discount I ever got was 50% off diapers!! Get your registry here >>>

Email Alerts

Sign up for our mailing lists – In my 4 years of blogging Amazon deals this has been the best tool for getting word of the deals out there. Thousands of people are on the mailing list with a low unsubscribe rate (which I pride myself on. 🙂 )

I only send out the best deals on the mailing lists and I only blog about deals that I would tell my own family about. The reviews are always vetted and the prices are always checked to make sure you’re getting the very best value.

You can sign up for the mailing lists here >>>

Download Our NEW iOS App!

Did you know that JungleDealsBlog.com now has it’s own iPhone app: Jungle Deals! It’s so much faster than the website and very useful for all you guys who can’t be browsing on the computer all day for July 12th! Download here >>>

I am particularly proud of this app because I made it all myself! I learned iOS programming a few months back and I have been using deal downtime to work on this amazing project.

ios app

Even sweeter for all your iPhone owners, you have access to my coupon database which matches Amazon coupons with their products! Awesome right?! Download the iPhone App here >>>

For all you guys asking about the Android App, it is on it’s way but won’t be available yet for Prime Day.


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