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My Thoughts on Prime Day

Amazon billed Prime Day as “bigger than Black Friday” but so many people were disappointed. I found a lot of great deals but many people didn’t know where to look. I decided to write up my thoughts on how Prime Day went since I have had a day to process it.

Here’s what Amazon could have done better:

  • Less Lightning Deals – I personally hate lightning deals. I have a full-time job (maybe two with this site) and who has the time to be stalking down lightning deals all day? 95% of what was sold as a lightning deal was garage sale crap. The other 5% was so limited in quality and so hard to find that the work to get $10 off of a toaster far exceeded the joy of clinching that sale.
  • Make the real deals more visible – I posted a huge amount of Prime Day’s deals here and I found a lot of good ones but there were a few that I didn’t even see until the end of the day when they were over. Even though I have had 8 years of Amazon Prime and have run this popular Amazon site for two years even I didn’t find some of their promotions!!
  • More toys – Most of the toys where lightning deals… And again like any Mom has the time to sit down and stalk the right toys for the right prices.
  • More big ticket items – No console deals, barely any video game deals, no KitchenAid mixers on sale. What gives?
  • More Kindle book deals – not to sound whiny but Amazon.co.uk gave every Prime member a FREE Kindle eBook. I was expecting the same from the Amazon.com sale but all we got was a discount on Kindle Unlimited…
  • Extra deals for Amazon Mom Members – Not that Amazon Mom members pay extra for their membership but it would have been nice.
  • Don’t make Amazon Electronics Deals be Lightning Deals – I was so upset that the deal on the Amazon Fire TV stick was a lightning deal… It went so fast because Amazon didn’t make many of them available. :/

Here’s what Amazon did right:

  • Prime Day only coupons
  • Deals on groceries and the things we need
  • Diaper Deals
  • That incredible deals on wipes
  • $20 off $100 purchases for Amazon Visa card holders
  • That deal on gift cards
  • Incredible deals on Kindles
  • $5 no-rush shipping credit
  • 30% Off clothing
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