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Join Our Closed Facebook Group — Less Public than Facebook Page

Join Our Closed Facebook Group -- Less Public than Facebook Page

You may have noticed recently that I am trying a few different things this month. Essentially if I can’t find a way to grow the site I will have to shut it down at the end of this year as it costs me more money to run than the site can pay for itself.

Why a closed Facebook group?

On a suggestion from reader Rachel, I am starting a closed Facebook group. Closed groups aren’t as public as Facebook Pages and I understand that not everyone wants their friends to know that they’re frugal.

On a closed Facebook group you’ll be able to tag your friends on posts without it being public to the entire world! Your comments will only be visible to other group members.

Just like a the Facebook page, deals will go into your timeline. It’s basically a more private Facebook page and it may entirely replace the site at some point as I am becoming tired of seeing the deals I post get copied and pasted into other peoples websites. Trust me, this happens so much I am starting to believe that 25% of the traffic is just other bloggers.

I am going to start with posting some of the BEST coupon deals I’ve found this morning on the Facebook group. Won’t you join me in saving? 🙂

Add yourself to the Facebook group here and I will approve you >>>

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