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How To Enable the “Same-Day Delivery” Search Filter

How To Enable the "Same Day Delivery" Search Filter

If you live in an area that is eligible for Amazon’s Same-Day Delivery, you will might not be seeing the Same-Day Delivery search filter. Here’s how to enable it:

  • Go to this page to manage your address settings
  • Make sure that your primary account address has a zip code which is eligible for Same-Day Delivery (check here).
  • Enable 1-click – this allows you to check out faster and is required to activate the filter. The box in the top right hand corner should look as below.1-click settingsYou may have to turn on 1-click for the web browser.
  • Go to a search page like this one. Scroll down, you should be able to see the Same Day Delivery filter on the right hand side.

Amazon now has FREE Same Day Delivery in 14 Cities -- Is your city included?

Though Amazon says that Same-Day Delivery is free, it is actually only free for orders over $35. Keep this in mind if you will need something delivered today. One of the best ways that the boyfriend and I get around this shipping restriction is to have some snacks delivered too. Click here for snacks eligible for Same-Day Delivery.

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