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Here’s All the Amazon Credits You May Have Expiring December 31st, 2016

Here's All the Amazon Credits You May Have Expiring December 31st, 2016

Here’s All the Amazon Credits You May Have Expiring December 31st, 2016…

Since we’re only a couple of days from 2016 ending, I thought it would be fruitful to make sure all you JDB readers have squeezed out all the worth from your Amazon Prime memberships and promotions. I certainly realized I had almost forgotten to take advantage of a few of these myself.

I Just Made $32.08 From Amazon Anytime Gift Cards!

Amazon Anytime Gift Card Credits — Yep, even if you plan to gift them 6 months from now, or you’re just doing what I am doing here and redeeming the gift cards to your own account – it’s best to redeem the promotion NOW as you may forget. The offer of $2 credit back to your account for any gift card load of $10 or more ends December 31st, 2016!

Note: The $2 credit your receive for each gift card load is good until March 31st, 2017. Only one $2 credit can be redeemed per order!

Load your Amazon Anytime gift cards here >>>

HUGE Round Up of Prime Pantry Deals — Including FREE Shipping, Coupons & More — Updated December 27th, 2016

Amazon Prime Pantry No-Rush Shipping credit – Some of you may still have Prime Pantry credits to spend before the end of the year! You can check your credits at this snazzy new page for checking no-rush credit. Don’t forget that you can find a round up of Amazon’s BEST Prime Pantry deals here.

No-rush digital credits

Amazon Digital No-Rush Shipping Credit – Check your digital no-rush shipping credit balance! Spend it on a new book, a rental of some of the latest movies or even an Xbox or Playstation gift card!

MORE Sample Boxes

Amazon Sample Box Credit – If like me you purchase lots of the Amazon Sample boxes before October you’ll find that your credits expire at the end of the year. The newer sample boxes (Luxury, Men’s Grooming etc) that were purchased in the last couple of months.

Here's All the Amazon Credits You May Have Expiring December 31st, 2016

If you are unsure of when your sample box credits expire just search your email for “benefit confirmation sample box” and redeem your credit here.

Note: Some readers have had trouble with the sample box page and redeeming credits. You won’t get much asking me what’s going on since I am not an Amazon support specialist and I can’t look at your accounts, if you are having trouble with this QUICK contact support here as I am not sure how helpful they will be after the promotional credit has expired!

Here's All the Amazon Credits You May Have Expiring December 31st, 2016

I’ve had trouble with the page too – in fact my nutrition box still says it’s on the way, despite having been delivered 3 months ago and I already used the credit… go figure.

Amazon Restaurants Credit

Amazon Restaurants Credit – I am sure only a small percentage of you have this credit as Amazon only has their Restaurant delivery service in a few city metros. But it expires Saturday at midnight. I plan to use my credit tomorrow – love that delivery is free, but that won’t stop me from tipping properly. 😉 Check if you have the credit by searching your email.

Amazon Dash

Amazon Dash Button “First Press” Credit – If you bought one of the Amazon Dash Buttons for just 99¢ over the Cyber Monday sale period and it’s sitting in a drawer somewhere you should at least set it up and see if it works because the first press credit you can get is $4.99 – so it’s basically $4 off.

That said though, after you use it you should just throw it away. Being brand loyal isn’t good for deals. I have 3 different brands of toilet paper in the house, and 10 different brands of laundry detergent because I buy quality items when they’re dirt cheap. Hopefully the current prices of the item you have the dash button for isn’t too expensive so the $5 discount is worth it.

Kindle First

Amazon Kindle First Books – Not really a credit promotion but worth mentioning. Every month Amazon lets you choose one of six not-yet-officially-released editors’ picks to read for FREE! These aren’t crappy books – I’ve seen a few of them from previous months sit atop best seller lists with excellent reviews. If you have a Kindle it’s the best time to score a free book before we get a new lot next month. See the Kindle First promotion >>>

FREE $25 Amazon Credit For Prime Members (Join Audible for $14.95)

This deal is a complete no brainer since Amazon is essentially paying you $10 to try Audible! 🙂 Join Audible’s gold membership today for $14.95 and you get $25 back in Amazon credit!

FREE $25 Amazon Credit For Prime Members (Join Audible for $14.95)

Note that the membership will renew monthly at $14.95 but you can easily set yourself a calendar reminder and cancel it on the Audible account page for the FREE Amazon credit. 🙂

Perfect when you travel or when you hang out at the beach/pool, your Audible Gold Membership gives you one audiobook of your choice every month – choose from Audible’s 180,000+ titles. Even if you choose to cancel, your audiobooks are yours to keep so it’s also like a FREE audiobook! 🙂 Listen to your audiobooks for free with the free Audible app for iOS, Android, or Windows devices. If you have a Kindle, your Audible purchases will be waiting in your “Audiobooks” tab.

BUT Wait! Check Out This Hip2Save Reader Email About ANOTHER Possible Perk If & When You Cancel…

Hey there! I just wanted to share – you recently posted the “no brainer” Audible promotion from Amazon. Well, I took the deal, used the $25 credit, and got one audiobook (the first Harry Potter) and then went to cancel my subscription and Audible offered me a $20 coupon if I’d stay!! So I stayed, and got the 2nd Harry Potter audiobook and it cost me about a buck and change after the coupon! I will keep it another week or two and then cancel as I had originally planned.

So to break it down: $14.95 + $1.07 = $16.02 out of pocket minus the $25 Amazon credit, minus the $20 Audible coupon offered when I tried to cancel, and I have 2 great audiobooks!

Sign up to get your $10 Back here >>>

Thanks Hip2Save!

Were there any credits I missed? Please comment below! 🙂

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