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Dr. Scholl’s Corn/Callus Remover Liquid, 0.33 Ounce

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Purchase Dr. Scholl's Corn/Callus Remover Liquid, 0.33 Ounce at Amazon.com

Hurry over to Amazon.com where you can get a deal on the Dr. Scholl’s Corn/Callus Remover Liquid, 0.33 Ounce now down to $4.12 (reg. $5.99).

Reviewers said:

“I always keep this on hand; it works well and does the trick.”

“I tried a cheaper brand of corn remover and was taken aback by how harsh it was on my skin. This corn and callus remover is gentle yet effective without burning my skin. Plus, it doesn’t clump up in the bottle after repeated use.”

“I didn’t want to be messed up at the feet this Summer, but this product works! After using it, I kept my toes moisturized with Vaseline. My best friend even ordered some for herself too. All because of those too tight fall/winter boots.”

Do you suffer from painful corns and calluses? Get some relief from Dr. Scholl’s Corn/Callus Remover Liquid. Just a few drops of this convenient liquid can provide fast-acting and long-lasting relief. This powerful cushioning formula is designed to comfort your feet instantly. It’s fortified with salicylic acid, a trusted ingredient in medical-grade products that penetrates the painful area and quickly begins to soften corns and calluses. With this remover liquid, you’ll start to feel relief right away. It can also provide all-day comfort by relieving shoe pressure and friction. Get back on your feet and take your shoes off in a far more comfortable way with Dr. Scholl’s Corn/Callus Remover Liquid.

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