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Why I’m Returning my Amazon Dash Button!

Amazon Introduces the Amazon Dash Button โ€” Request an Invite here!

I was so excited to try this. The premise of the Amazon Dash button was that you never forget to order supplies again. You have this button that connects to your wifi/bluetooth that you press when you need/want to order particular brands of supplies like Tide or Cottonelle.

Why I'm Returning my Amazon Dash Button!

Mine arrived a couple of days ago and I haven’t been able to successfully pair it with my phone. ๐Ÿ™ I may not have a fancy iPhone 6 but there’s no reason it shouldn’t have given me errors when I tried to set it up with my iPhone 5.

Amazon Dash Button Errors

I was disappointed since I like to try new services and wanted to see if there was any discounts to using this brand loyal button. I think for now it is best to just keep ordering household supplies using the usual coupon/subscribe & save discounts as I don’t ever plan to pay list price for the essentials.

99ยข ($1.08 with CA/tax) isn’t much, but I am still returning it as every penny saved helps and I still have a ton of student loans.

Amazon Dash Button Refund

By the way, the Amazon Dash Button is not eligible for turns but if you chat with Amazon Customer service (as below) they will issue you a refund, which is just as good as a return.

Amazon Dash Button ReturnI didn’t have to return it which saves on my time going to the post office.

Okay Amazon, next time try a little harder, we want to see more savings programs. ๐Ÿ™‚

Amazon Customer Service
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Update: Amazon contacted me in a phone call the next day asking for me to send my Amazon Dash Button back to them so they can investigate them problem. I was emailed a pre-paid label. They were lucky it was still on my coffee table. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s nice that they care enough about their product to investigate failures as opposed to just paying for them.

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