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We are adding tools on our site for you to shop with! We have two at the moment!

Variations ToolThe first tool we have is our variations tool which gets a list of all of an Item’s Prices/Sizes/Colors. So useful! Let’s say you’re looking at these Levis and you want to know which pairs of jeans are actually $36.97.

Variations Tool

You could scroll through all of them (which this item has 15 or so variations of) and then check the prices in your size or you could use our variations tool – which takes 10 seconds!

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 12.09.29 AM

Enter the Amazon Stock Identification Number in the form to get the full list of a products prices for each size & color! We even show you where to enter in the number. The ASIN of the Levis jeans was B0018OLTAC, if I enter that into the form then I get a great list of the variations of the product by price! Saves so much time!

Variations Tool

Amazon Search & Sort

Test Our NEW Search Tool!
We’ve been working hard to bring you some of the deal finding tools of ours available to you. Here’s a tool we have where you can choose to sort by options that Amazon doesn’t even expose to users.

For example, Amazon doesn’t let you limit your search to only items with coupons or items subscribe & save eligible. You can use this tool to search things like:

Beauty items under $3 which aren’t add-ons
Subscribe & save grocery items under $3 shipped
Kids books under $3 shipped which are not add-ons

What discounts or deals will YOU find? Test out the tool for yourself here >>>