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Here are all the collective tips we have on getting the best deals at Amazon.com. Do you have an additional tip? Post it on the Facebook page and we will credit you if it goes up on the site.

FREE Month of Amazon Prime if your item arrives late!

FREE One Month Prime Extension - If Guaranteed Delivery Date Not Met!

Hey Amazoners! I am sure you know that Amazon offers Guaranteed Delivery for many items sold on Amazon.com (available on products that have a “Want it delivered . . .” message that display a delivery date and shipping option on the detail page), but did you know this?

If your item does indeed qualify for Guaranteed Delivery and it does not arrive on the promised delivery date, then you may be eligible for a free one-month Amazon Prime extension (free extensions are limited to one per free trial and twelve for an annual membership; free Amazon Student and Amazon Mom Prime Memberships do not qualify for this extension).

Share Your Amazon Prime Benefits With Up to 4 Other People

Share Amazon Prime

Did you know you can invite up to 4 other people to share your Amazon Prime or Amazon Mom benefits? They don’t even have to live in the same house as you do. Share with parents, kids, aunts, uncles or nieces as well as your closest friends.

Note: They won’t be able to watch the Amazon Prime FREE streaming, but free shipping on millions of products is still a big bonus.

To invite others to share your Amazon Prime membership:

Important: You must use the Amazon.com Full Site (not mobile) to invite household members.
  1. Go to Manage Prime Membership.
    Share Amazon Prime
  2. Scroll down and click Invite a household member.
  3. You can then do the following:
    • Share your membership by entering the name, relationship, birthday, and e-mail address of the person you’d like to share the membership with along with your birthday. Note: The person you invite will need to know the month and day of your birthday to accept the invitation.
    • Stop sharing your membership with someone by selecting the bullet next to their name and then click Remove.

Awesome huh? I already share with my boyfriend.

Pay with Credit Card Points

Shop with your Credit Card Points on Amazon.com

If you have a credit card from Citi, Chase, American Express or Discover you can use your points to pay for items at Amazon. Amazon also has their own credit card that you can get rewards on with a FREE gift card if you are approved!! I pay my CC bill on time and then use my points to pay for things like toilet paper, laundry supplies and paper towels – which all end up being free! FREE is the ultimate deal. 🙂

Amazon Coupons

Amazon Coupons

I post a lot of lists matching coupons and subscribe & save deals but I don’t publish every coupon, just the ones I think people will want to see deals on. Take a look for yourself at the Amazon Coupon section of the website. There are coupons on things such as Kids Toys, Laundry Supplies and Toilet Paper. Plus I don’t often publish coupons on electronics or cooking items but those are there too.

Trade in Items for Amazon Gift Cards

Trade in Items for Amazon Gift Cards Trade in Items for Amazon Gift Cards

With the Amazon Trade-In program, you can trade in your eligible items for Amazon gift cards. Free shipping to Amazon too! They accept DVDs, CDs, video games, electronics, books, and much more.

Monitor this Blog

This is kind of a given. We have a Twitter feed and you can add the site to Feedly and NewsBlur. You can also like the page on Facebook but since Facebook changed their pages algorithm you won’t find too many deals showing up on your newsfeed. If you love Facebook a lot then I would encourage you to subscribe to the page notifications.

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Amazon Best Seller Lists

Amazon Best Sellers

A product that is considered a good deal will probably be loved by many people and will thusly make it’s way to the best seller lists on Amazon. I scour these daily to see if there is anything good I can add to the site. See the best selling Amazon Items here!

Amazon Movers & Shakers List

Amazon Movers & Shakers

If a product has just had a price drop and people start to buy a lot of it then it will move up in the ranks. To see the current Amazon Movers & Shakers List – go here.

Sign Up for Amazon Mailing Lists

Amazon Coupon Emails

Amazon will also Email you deals. Here are some mailing lists you can sign up for. Occasionally you may get coupon codes for signing up for certain mailing lists. I think that the clothing mailing list is currently giving away 20% off coupon codes with every sign up. You can pair those with clothing items to make for some great steals!

Amazon Price Graphs

Amazon Price Graph

The site I turn to for Amazon Price Graphs is CamelCamelCamel.com. They will tell you when a product is at it’s lowest price and what it’s highest price has been. They have a community deals page but I have never found anything of note there. They will also alert you when a product that you want is at the price you specify.


Amazon Warehouse Deals

Amazon Warehouse Deals

What do you think happens when you return a product to Amazon? For example a Chromecast. Let’s say you didn’t want it anymore and you had only used it once. Well, you send it back to Amazon and what they do is they make sure it works, they make sure it is in good condition and then they re-list it on Amazon Warehouse Deals! I bought a Chromecast that was originally $35 from Amazon Warehouse for $28. It had been used before but it works just fine. I got $7 off and just didn’t care that someone used it before. I am all about recycling! Find deep discounts on open-box, like-new, and pre-owned products backed with Amazon’s A-to-z guarantee and Prime or FREE Shipping where available.

Amazon Lightning Deals

Amazon Lightning Deals

Sellers on Amazon will offer a selected amount of a product on a deeply discounted sale for just a couple of hours – those are Lightning Deals. You don’t know what that price will be or sometimes even the item. You just have to look at the page. It’s not a great way to find deals all the time, but it’s great at Christmas when there are so many lightening deals on kids toys! See what is on sale right now here – scroll to the bottom.

Amazon Gold Box Deals

Amazon Gold Box Deals

Every day Amazon has one product on a very special sale. They had a half priced Dyson one day that sold out in minutes! I post the Gold Box Deal of the Day if it is a really good deal that you guys might enjoy. See Today’s Gold Box Deal!

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk

I am still not completely sure what Amazon Mechanical Turk is but you can do small tasks for Amazon and in return you get paid some amount. You can get paid out in either Amazon Gift Certificates or just a check. Hey that’s still FREE Amazon Items!