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The Amazon October Report

The Amazon October Report

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Below are some of the October events Amazon has going on as well as some new monthly specials!

Halloween – If you haven’t started on shopping for Halloween costumes yet then go here for lots of inspiration. The early birds really do get the worm because if you don’t start planning out your costume now it could be slim pickin’s the week before and not everything may even ship on time. I had that happen last year. Learn from my mistake! 

Up to 60% Off Star Wars Clothing & Costumes for the Family – Why not do a family costume? Especially with prices up to 60% off!

Get up to 40% Off Halloween Candy – Make sure if you order through Subscribe & Save that you change your delivery date to be at least a week before halloween so that the candy shows up on time!

Kindle Books for FREE

Kindle Books for FREE – October also brings some new Kindle First books which are highly rated unreleased books that Prime Members can read for free before they go on sale. There are 6 books you can choose from which include fiction, fantasy and suspense. Your choices expire at the end of the month! Great reads to enjoy before bed >>>

Prime Pantry

Prime Pantry

Buy Five, Get FREE Shipping – Every month Prime Pantry refreshes their Buy Five, Get free shipping promotion with lots of low cost items. If you pick lots of low priced items in this sale you can get a great deal. I usually put lots of Prime Pantry deals here to make sure you watch out for my next Prime Pantry update some time today. 🙂

Pepsi "Big Game" Promotion - Buy Five Get FREE Shipping

Pepsi “Big Game” Promotion – Buy Five Get FREE Shipping – Just like last year Pepsi is again joining in the Prime Pantry FREE shipping fun. If you purchase 5 select items on here you can also get FREE Prime Pantry shipping. Great way to stock up on snacks.

Spend $30 on Select Prime Pantry Products here and Get $5 Off + FREE shipping

Spend $30 on Select Prime Pantry Products here and Get $5 Off + FREE shipping – Yes another Prime Pantry shipping promotion, which is okay because I have the $5.99 shipping fee too but with so many promotions like these you never need to pay it! Categories include health care, skin care, hair care, oral care and baby care. See the promotion >>>

Amazon Video

Amazon Prime Movies

Your Amazon Prime membership comes with lots of perks – one of them being access to their streaming service where you can see quite a few premium movies for free. I have listed some of the movies that you can now watch below and IGN has your full list here >>>

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 $19.99
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2

Pride & Prejudice $14.99
Pride & Prejudice

Happy Gilmore $3.99
Happy Gilmore

The Witches (1990) $2.99
The Witches (1990)

Training Day $3.99
Training Day

Gift Card Deals

Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Card Lightning Deals – Amazon used to give us gift card lightning deals before every holiday like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day etc but now and then you’ll see a few gift cards going for lightning deals at 20% off. These are limited time, limited quantity deals so you need to be fast. The strategy that has always worked for me is setting my phone’s alarm and adding to cart right away. Keep looking back to this page and perhaps even bookmark it.


Spend & Save on Select Fisher-Price Characters

Spend $40, save $10 on select Fisher-Price characters – If you’re going to a birthday party soon, want to spoil a young one or just want to scope out for gift closet items then this sale will give you a nice 25% off! Discount is taken at checkout.

Amazon Rogue One Toys

Amazon Rogue One Merch – If you know any Star Wars fans then you may want to check out the Rogue One Merchandise which was recently released. It may even give you some insights into the movie. 😉 I’m excited to see it!

Sample Boxes

Buy a Sample Box, Get an Equivalent Credit on Future Purchase!

Sample Boxes – Remember that you have until the end of this year to use any promo credit you have from your Amazon Sample boxes. It’s also a great idea to go here and see what’s currently available. The box is FREE after promo credit and you get lots of FULL-SIZED samples! 🙂 Awesome.


Amazon October Coupons

Not only is October a new month, it’s also a new fiscal quarter so there’s PLENTY of NEW Amazon coupons. Lots that you can match with subscribe & save for even better discounts! I looked around for a few hours this morning and found quite a few that provide HUGE discounts – listed below and you can see all Amazon Coupons here >>>


I thought this would be a great opportunity to tell newer readers are some of the tools we have that are used by hundreds of smart shoppers a month!

Variations Tool – Ever wonder how I always know what sizes of shoes or clothing are at bargain prices? The first tool we have is our variations tool which gets a list of all of an Item’s Prices/Sizes/Colors. So useful! Let’s say you’re looking at these Levis and you want to know which pairs of jeans are actually $36.97.

Variations Tool

You could scroll through all of them (which this item has 15 or so variations of) and then check the prices in your size or you could use our variations tool – which takes 10 seconds!

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 12.09.29 AM

Enter the Amazon Stock Identification Number in the form to get the full list of a products prices for each size & color! We even show you where to enter in the number. The ASIN of the Levis jeans was B0018OLTAC, if I enter that into the form then I get a great list of the variations of the product by price! Saves so much time!

Variations Tool

Amazon Search & Sort

Test Our NEW Search Tool!
We’ve been working hard to bring you some of the deal finding tools of ours available to you. Here’s a tool we have where you can choose to sort by options that Amazon doesn’t even expose to users.

For example, Amazon doesn’t let you limit your search to only items with coupons or items subscribe & save eligible. You can use this tool to search things like:

Subscribe & Save beauty items w/coupons from lowest price to highest
Subscribe & Save health & personal care items w/coupons from lowest price to highest
Subscribe & save grocery items under $3 shipped
Kids books under $3 shipped which are not add-ons

What discounts or deals will YOU find? Test out the tool for yourself here >>>

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