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Thank You to Everyone Who Came Here to See Prime Day Deals

Prime Day Stats

I just want to thank everyone who came here to see the Prime Day Deals. I am so throughly excited that my blogging helps so many people save money. This isn’t a full time job for me or anything, it’s just really enjoyable and helps me to relax and also develop my programming/web design skills.

Yesterday, was the BEST DAY EVER for this site and doubled the previous day’s stats. It feels good to wake up and know that the thing that I work on every day adds value to your lives.

I was awake from midnight yesterday and still had to go into work and put in a full day’s work (I work as a Software Engineer, so not too physically intensive) and then I got home around 8pm and I must have just slept from there. All worth it though. 🙂

All the deals I bought are coming by Friday so I can’t wait to make a big post and show you guys.

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