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Subscribe & Save Program

Subscribe & Save Program
Best Subscribe & Save Deals

Amazon’s Subscribe & Save Program allows for automated delivery of your most needed products at an extra 5%-15% discount at the interval of your choice.

Set up regularly scheduled deliveries and earn savings with Subscribe & Save. Unlock extra savings on eligible subscriptions when you subscribe to five or more products at one address on your monthly delivery day. From diapers to toothpaste to dog treats, you can subscribe to thousands of everyday products from Amazon and Amazon Marketplace.

Best Amazon Subscribe & Save Deals

If you subscribe to 5 or more subscriptions arriving within the next month you get an extra 15% off your entire delivery!

subscribe & save coupons

You can make these deals even better by stacking them with subscribe & save coupons to get an extra discount on your first order. If the coupon is for 30% off then you will get a total of 45% off that item if you have 5 or more items delivering within the next month.

Note – To get the 15% off your entire subscription you must subscribe to 5 different items. Example: a quantity of 5 for one item will only get you 5% off your subscription for that month.

Cancel at any time – here’s how:

1. Go to this page.

Hover over the item you wish to cancel.

2. Hover over the item you wish to cancel and then click “Edit subscription“.

Subscribe & Save

3. Click cancel subscription.

How easy was that? 🙂

Here’s a question I get often:

When I go to the Subscribe & Save page the prices are a lot higher than the price I subscribed to… which price will I pay?

Amazon Subscribe & Save

For that Herbal Essences hair oil, that’s not the price I subscribed to. I got a coupon discount which isn’t reflected in that price. In fact, below you’ll find the price I agreed to pay at checkout.

Amazon Subscribe & Save

But the truth is that you will never pay more than the total you agree to at checkout for your FIRST delivery.

The reason why Amazon lists the current price of the item minus the 5%-15% off on the subscribe & save page is because the coupons are one time use and subscriptions renew.

Imagine the coupons as one time initial subscription discounts. When the subscription delivers again it will be for the current list price.

That’s why it’s best to cancel your subscription after it ships – then it will not renew for a higher price!

Can I change my Subscribe & Save date?

Amazon Subscribe & Save

Yep! Go here and click change delivery date.

Some reasons for changing your delivery date may be to delay delivery until after you get back from vacation, to get your items faster, or maybe you couldn’t find any extra items you need to get the 15% off discount and you want to delay shipment to give yourself some more shopping time.

Gotta love Subscribe & Save! 🙂 See Amazon’s Subscribe & Save page >>>