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So I ordered an Amazon Dash Button for 99¢…

Cottonelle Dash Button - Limited ReleaseAmazon Dash Button
While I don’t have an invite it seems that the Amazon Dash Buttons are already up on Amazon for you to order. Disclaimer: I have no idea if it will work because I didn’t see an invite in my email inbox but for 99¢ I will try it out and get back to you and if you’re brave enough to test out a new Amazon service you can find the buttons below.

About the Amazon Dash Button:

Amazon Introduces the Amazon Dash Button -- Request an Invite here!

Amazon Dash Button. This is a button that you put next to the things you need and you can press it when you need the item and then Amazon will ship it to you. It prevents you from forgetting to order the items you are running out of. I don’t think it’s an April Fools joke because the website looks too elaborate.

Amazon Dash Button

Update: After the notification email that my Amazon Dash Button had shipped I received a welcome email to the Amazon Dash Button program so no invite even needed! 🙂

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