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Save BIG on HeatMax HotHands-2 Hand Warmers

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Pulling out your hands from mittens on a frigid winter morning can be a painful reality. But, now with HeatMax HotHands-2 Hand Warmers, you can bring a little bit of warming up wherever you go! This product provides continuous heat for up to 8 hours without any odors or mess that you get from other products. All you have to do is expose them to the air for about a minute and enjoy the warmth of up to 130°F of heat created inside. HeatMax HotHands-2 Hand Warmers make sure you never feel the chill again and enjoy your outdoor expeditions this winter.

Whether you’re going out on a hike, skiing in the mountains, or just too cold at work, HeatMax HotHands-2 Hand Warmers are the perfect solution. Keep a pair in your pocket and enjoy up to 8 hours of heat and not worry about running out of warmth. Good for multiple uses, these heat packs will quickly become your go-to for wintertime adventures. With the assurance of 100% odorless heat, you can bring warmth with you wherever your adventures take you. So, get ready to embark on your outdoor trips this winter with a little added warmth from HeatMax HotHands-2 Hand Warmers!

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