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PSA: Get Your Halloween Costume from Amazon NOW!

PSA: Get Your Halloween Costume from Amazon NOW!

I know this is a deal website, but sometimes a deal doesn’t have anything to do with price. In the case of Halloween costumes, all the best ones go in the first week of October and while Amazon will likely have a “sale” in a week or so that won’t include some of the most desired costumes.

Desired costumes are high quality, fit correctly, are durable, are easily recognizable from pop culture and most importantly they’re warm – especially if you’re going trick or treating! You don’t want to have to have a large jacket over your costume just so you don’t freeze.

With that said, I encourage you guys to take a look at the Halloween store now and choose something right for you.

PSA: Get Your Halloween Costume from Amazon NOW!

I got the Captain Marvel costume in two sizes (looks like it runs large) and I will return the one I don’t need. Amazon has free returns on all unworn costumes too so if you shop now you’ll have a chance to order a few sizes. I’m pretty excited to be warm on Halloween, plus I can use this costume for parties in the future!

Shop the Halloween store here >>>

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