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Prepare to be Annoyed by Amazon Prime Fresh

Prepare to be Annoyed by Amazon Prime Fresh

Amazon released possibly the most annoying update to their website today with every product I click on defaulting to Prime Fresh Delivery (this may not happen to you if you are lucky enough to live in an area without Amazon Prime Fresh).

It seems Amazon are really pushing their fresh produce delivery program and if you ask me this default to the Prime Fresh interface is just too much! I am not even signed up for the $199/year program! It’s really bothersome and you have to click on “more delivery options” to even see the traditional delivery methods as above in the image.

Amazon Fresh

The Amazon Prime Fresh program is $199/year but sneakily marketed to everyone as $3.85/week. This is something I may want to try in the future but as for now I am pretty upset at the website changes as they’re confusing.

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