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Lowest Price on Highly Reviewed Panasonic cordless dental water Flosser, Dual-Speed Pulse Oral Irrigator

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Take a minute to feel the back of your lower set of teeth with your tongue. Is it smooth or scratchy? If it’s smooth you may not be flossing correctly and you may want to try a water flosser. Ever since I’ve gotten one I’ve been praised by my dentist for giving them less work to do during my checkups. 🙂

Amazon is offering a stellar deal on the very highly reviewed Panasonic cordless dental water Flosser, Dual-Speed Pulse Oral Irrigator now down to $81.97.

Reviewers said:

“Update: A year and a half later and it’s still great!

I’ve used this type of products for 20+ years. I’ve now had three battery-powered or rechargeable items. This is the best one I’ve used. It’s strong and very compact. It’s great for travel, which the others I’ve had are not. Great, great product.”

“I purchased this almost a year ago and I just wish I’d bought it earlier. My mouth doesn’t even feel clean anymore unless I use it twice a day!”

“Very good value for money but the batteries supplied are not powerful enough and don’t last long. I use good quality rechargeable batteries which I charge in a good quality battery charger and with these I get plenty of pressure for a good length of time.”

  • High Powered Oral Care: The Panasonic dental water flosser uses pulsing targeted jets of water to reach where dental floss often can’t to help remove food debris, plaque and bacteria for healthier teeth and gums
  • Portable Design for Travel: Portable water flosser with a cordless, collapsible design fits easily in bags and luggage while traveling; Use at the office, gym or while traveling on business and vacations

  • Two Speed Pulse Settings: Cordless power flosser with two speed pulsing high speed for normal, everyday cleaning, and low speed for gentler cleaning on those with sensitive gums
  • Easy Fill Reservoir: An easy fill 5.5 Ounce water reservoir lets you floss longer between fills for thorough food debris removal, providing up to 40 seconds of water flossing action. Master carton is 0.48 Cb. Ft.

  • Waterproof Design: 100percentage waterproof portable water flosser design for quick, easy rinsing and cleaning under warm, running water

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