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NEW Email Subscription Lists!

NEW Email Subscription Lists!Well you guys have spoken and I am excited to announce that there are plenty more ways to keep up with all these deals without having to come to the site all the time. Useful for you guys who have jobs and can’t go to the site every 5 mins. 🙂 There won’t be any spam or ads in these emails and you can unsubscribe at any time – I won’t be offended.

Amazon Emails

Here are the email lists you can now subscribe to:

Price Mistakes – If we suspect that an item is priced way below what it should be or becomes free at checkout then you will receive an email around it through this list. We typically find price mistakes once or twice a week and they do disappear fast. Usual for when you’re on the go or at work and can’t check the website every 5 mins.

Amazon Promotions – Sometimes Amazon rolls out new promotions like a FREE $15 gift card with purchase of diapers or a discount code for 30% off athletic shoes. If you are a member of this mailing list you will get an email about these new promotions. Typically we will see up to 5 of these a week and the emails you receive can also include round ups of all of Amazon’s current special promotions.

HOT Deals – If a deal looks like it will sell out by the end of the day it will belong on this list. Emails are sent as soon as the deal is posted. There will typically be around 3 a day.

Daily Round Up – Daily Round Up of the day’s best Amazon deals. One email usually sent around 10pm nightly, except on slow days and occasional weekends. This is just the content of the nightly daily round ups.

Jungle Deals Blog List – One daily email with a list of the best Amazon deals from the day before send nightly around 1am PST.


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