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My Amazon Haul — March 23rd, 2016

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I only post deals that I think are great so of course I buy a lot of them myself! Here are some of the items I managed to pick up in some of the recent sales. Lots of great stuff that I am really happy I ordered. This should show you how much you can save just by visiting this website! 🙂

My Amazon Haul — March 23rd, 2016

Not a big haul this week and I’m okay with that because I am pretty stocked up on everything and I didn’t spend too much either. 🙂

Here’s what I snagged in my Prime Pantry order:
Bergen Marzipan M-1 Assorted Fruit, 8 Ounce

And my total was just $17.27 after Prime Pantry shipping credit, coupons and an extra 30% off on a few items from the sale mentioned here. I am quite pleased, especially because the Marzipan was delicious and I can’t wait to serve it when friends come over on Friday. Also the air fresheners are doing wonders in the guest room.

Upper Canada Soap Studio Dry Metallic Cushion Brush, Pink

I also grabbed the Upper Canada Soap Studio Dry Metallic Cushion Brush, Pink for just $2.58 [unavailable]. I posted about it here. I seriously can never have enough hairbrushes, I have long hair that gets easily tangled.

Have You Been Grabbing Amazon's FREE Beauty Samples?

And as you guys know from my post here, I have been happily snagging Amazon’s luxury beauty samples which are FREE after credit and [available]. I have a few more on the way that I am excited to try.

My Amazon Haul — March 23rd, 2016

Lastly, I see a lot of movies so I was pretty elated when the Fandango gift cards went on sale for 20% off as lightning deals [unavailable]. I acted quickly and snagged one when I could and it even became available again the next day. I paid $36 for $45 of credit which will be awesome for seeing Batman v Superman tomorrow. 🙂 I am hoping Ben Affleck will be a good Batman.

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