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My Amazon Haul — July 2nd, 2015

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Recently I began sharing the items I have snagged when the deals have been HOT! Here are some of the items I managed to pick up in some of the recent sales. All of these deals are currently unavailable but I post new deals on the time so keep checking back.

High Sierra

Believe it or not I haven’t posted about my hauls since last June 4th – which is about almost a month due to being so busy with the job switch and being out of town. So this will be a little long.

On June 7th there was an incredible sale on High Sierra backpacks [unavailableand the boyfriend and I each bought one. I actually bought two and returned the one that I didn’t like:

Sierra backpacks

The blue one was cheaper, but at 30 liters held a lot less stuff and had less pockets. I ended up keeping the High Sierra Hawk 45 Female Frame Pack, Eggplant/Berry Blast/Lime [unavailablewhich was the best price to date at $100.79 (reg. $280.00).

If I don’t know which one I like in a deal of the day I will often buy the items and then return the one I don’t like. Amazon has free return shipping on bags, shoes & clothing and you get the full refund.

backpacking europeImage credit

With this I am excited to announce that I am taking a trip to Europe from July 31st to August 19th! I can’t say that I ever wanted to backpack Europe, but we bought the tickets more than a month ago and this sale just presented itself. I heard roller bags are really tough to handle when you’re moving around a lot so I caved and bought a backpack. I will be sure to update you guys on my tip and post some photos. 🙂

I saved for this trip very simply, but putting 10% of each paycheck aside for a vacation and lived within my means. Plus the deals here helped me save a huge amount.

pantene classic clean

Remember that awesome deal I posted where you could get 3 Pantene Classic clean shampoo bottles for $2.99 [unavailable]? I got in on that too! Fantastic deal, but one of the bottles came open in the package and made the package soapy. So you can get I am going to give some gaddam packaging feedback! Still not bad for $2.99.

classic clean

I actually paid with my rewards points from my Amazon Credit card so they ended up being free. If you are good at paying off your credit card bills on time and shop a lot on Amazon it may be an idea to get a card. The APR is higher than all of my credit cards, but if you pay it back quickly then it’s worth it. You get 3% back on all Amazon purchases, 1% on everything else and exclusive cardholder sales! Here’s my write up on the card.

speedo sale

I also got in on that incredible 50% off of more Speedo sale [unavailableabout a week and a half ago! I grabbed the Speedo Women’s Fitness Board Short Cover Up, Black for $13.50 (reg. $34.00) [unavailable]! And the Speedo Women’s Swim Short With Compression, Black [unavailablewhich was only $21.50 (reg. $54.00). Speedo sales are rare and I wasn’t sure which one I would like so I bought one of each while they were on sale. I don’t think I will be returning any as they’re awesome and I have been in need of swim shorts.

Do you have any other great deals you snagged that you were impressed with? Sound off in the comments below! 🙂

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