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My Amazon Haul (12/9/2014)!

Recently I began sharing the items I have snagged when the deals have been hot!ย Here are some of the items I managed to pick up in some of the recent sales:

BELLA 13991 Rotating Waffle Maker, Polished Stainless Steel

Can you believe I got this waffle maker for just $2.99?!?! I know that some of you managed to snag it too! It is unavailable now, but here is the post where I mentioned the deal. I am really surprised how big it was. I should have put a banana for scale. Since I already have a waffle maker this is going in the White Elephant pile.

HAAN Multi Multiple Purpose Floor Steamer

I am so excited that I managed to grab one of theย HAAN Multi Multiple Purpose Floor Steamers while it was at the lowest price it has been. I posted about it here. The deals is now unavailable. (You need to be fast with the good deals.) I am very excited to open it tonight and dump everything with “Swiffer” written on it. It’s just such a waste of money to keep buying those things and this steam mop runs on just water!


My Sodastream finally came! I paid $37.50 for it and they’re at $34.99 right now so there’s a deal that is still available. ๐Ÿ™‚ I of course requested a price difference refund and here are my instructions if you ever want to do that for yourself. It comes in frustration free packaging so it was very easy to open and start setting up! If you are giving one of these as a gift or White Elephant gift you may want to print out a photo of what it looks like from Amazon and then stick it onto the box. Either way I am very happy with my haul!

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