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Expecting? Get an Amazon Baby Registry!

The traditional baby registry has completely changed and whether you’re expecting or thinking about it the Baby Registry has become Amazon’s hub for everything expectant parents need.

Let’s start with the basics…

After selecting whether this is your first baby or not, Amazon walks you through categories of everything you will think you need with reviews and top picks to make the decisions easy.

Do first time parents think about buying baby medicine in advance? Probably not.

Additionally the Amazon Baby Registry interface also lists several categories of age of products for your baby registry, which may seem strange to some, but knowledgable parents know the baby grows out of the tiny onesies very quickly and if you’re having many people wanting to contribute to your registry, why not have an age range of items? 🙂

Amazon also lists the Most Popular Registry Items which takes a lot of the decision making load off of you if you’re rather go with the majority opinion. There’s even a button for easily adding it to your registry.

Amazon goes a little further…

With Group Gifting you don’t need to rely on relatives and those closest to you for the big purchases. It gives your friends and family a lot more options of what and how much to give. It’s enabled with a setting in your registry where you can also choose the threshold at which gifts are eligible for group purchasing and makes the decorum of gifting a lot easier. 😉

There’s also a setting to register for a Diaper Fund! Amazon explains

“During your baby’s first year, you can expect to change an estimated 2,700 diapers at an average cost of $550 annually. Adding a Diaper Fund to your registry allows friends and family to contribute any amount, up to $550 in total, towards diapers. All contributions received are in the form of an electronic Amazon Gift Card which you can use to purchase diapers (or many other eligible goods and services on Amazon).”

Also, I keep this page update every day with diaper deals and prices so you can make this go even further! 🙂

Even sweeter, Amazon is offering an extra bonus of a welcome gift box ($35 value) when you complete 80% of your new baby checklist and purchase $10 from your registry – yes, you can make the purchase yourself, which just makes it a great place to organize all your baby needs.

Amazon also offers all Baby Registry owners a 15% completion discount! 

The completion discount is a discount on select remaining items from your Baby Registry. The discount offer is 10% for primary registrants (15% for members of Amazon Prime at the time they redeem their discount, compliments of Amazon Family). You’re eligible for this discount 60 days prior to the arrival date you’ve indicated on your registry and at least 14 days after your registry was created. The completion discount can be redeemed by the primary registrant only. If the primary registrant is not a Prime member and the Co-Registrant is a Prime member, consider creating an Amazon Household to share Prime benefits, including access to the 15% completion discount.

I’m wondering if this could work on a 50 inch TV,  but maybe you can’t add that to a registry who knows. 😀 Regardless, it’s a nice way to help you get everything you need for your little one before the arrival date. Love it!

Additionally, Amazon is always offering sweepstakes to give opportunities to win money for your registry. Of course you should enter!

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