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Amazon Cyber Monday: Deal of the Day: Retevis Portable FRS Two-Way Radios

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Retevis Portable FRS Two-Way Radios

Today ONLY, retevis Portable FRS Two-Way Radios!

Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkies for Kids, Toys for 5-13 Year Old Boys Girls, Key Lock, Crystal Voice, Easy to Use, Long Range Walky Talky for Camping Hiking(Re... - $16.99 (reg. $24.99)

Retevis RT49B Walkie Talkie Rechargeable, Portable FRS Two-Way Radio, 1000mAh Long Battery Life, NOAA Weather Alert, Easy to Use Family Walky Talky for Camping(2 Pack) - $36.99

Retevis RT22 Walkie Talkies, Mini 2 Way Radio Rechargeable, VOX Handsfree, Portable, Two-Way Radios Long Range with Earpiece, for Family Kids Road Trip Camping Hiking (2 ... - $39.99

Retevis H-777 Walkie Talkies Rechargeable, 2 Way Radios Long Range, Portable FRS Two-Way Radios, with USB Charging Station, LED Flashlight, for Adults Family Outdoor (3 P... - $41.99

Retevis RT49 Walkie Talkies Rechargeable, IP65 Weatherproof Two Way Radios for Adults, NOAA VOX Flashlight 1200mAh AA Battery, Long Range 2 Way Radio for Outdoor Hiking C... - $42.99

Retevis RT22 Two Way Radio Long Range Rechargeable, Portable 2 Way Radio, Handsfree Walkie Talkie for Adults Commercial Cruises Hunting Hiking (4 Pack) - $59.99

Retevis RT49P Waterproof Walkie Talkies, IP67 Floating 2 Way Radio, 1200mAh Rechargeable AA Batteries, NOAA, SOS Flashlight Two Way Radio for Kayaking, Rafting, Hydro Fly... - $64.99

Retevis RT45 Walkie Talkie, Portable 2 Way Radio, 22 Channel, NOAA, Walkie Talkies Long Range for Camping, Family Trip (4 Pack) - $69.99

Retevis RT19 Walkie Talkies for Adults, Walkie Talkie with Earpiece and Mic Set, Metal Clip, 1300mAh, USB Charger, Hands Free Two Way Radios for Warehouse Clinic Skiing G... - $69.99

Retevis RT22 Walkie Talkies for Adults, Two Way Radios Long Range Rechargeable, VOX Handsfree, Mini Compact Walkie Talkie with USB Charger, for School Churc... - $76.49 (reg. $89.99)

Retevis H-777 Walkie Talkies for Adults Long Range Hand Free Handheld Rechargeable Two Way Radio Business 2 Way Radios with USB Charger (6 Pack) - $79.99

Retevis RT22 Walkie Talkies Rechargeable Hands Free 2 Way Radios Two-Way Radio(6 Pack) with 6 Way Multi Gang Charger - $110.49 (reg. $129.99)

Case of 6, Retevis H-777 Walkie Talkies for Adults Long Range, Rechargeable Two-Way Radios, with 6-Way Multi Unit Charger, Flashlight Handheld Business 2 Way Radios - $109.99

Caseof6, Retevis H-777S Walkie Talkies Long Range, Portable Two Way Radios with Six-Way Multi Gang Charger, Clear Voice, Hands Free 2 Way Radio, for School, Warehouse, Re... - $124.99

Retevis H-777 2 Way Radios, Walkie Talkies for Adults, Rechargeable Long Range Two Way Radio, Shock Resistant, USB Fast Charging for Business Education(10 Pack) - $139.99

Retevis RT21 2 Way Radio Long Range, Walkie Talkies for Adults, Heavy Duty Rechargeable Two Way Radios with Six-Way Charger, for Manufacturing Education Government(6 Pack... - $139.99

Retevis RT68 Walkie Talkies with Earpiece, Portable FRS Two-Way Radios Rechargeable, with 6 Way Multi Unit Charger, Hands Free, Long Range, Rugged 2 Way Radios 6 Pack for... - $139.99

Retevis RT49P Floating Walkie Talkie, IP67 Portable Two-Way Radios, Waterproof Walkie Talkies Rechargeable, NOAA, Flashlight SOS Handheld Radios with Headset for Golf, Fi... - $145.99

Retevis RT22 Walkie Talkies Rechargeable, Portable Two-Way Radios Long Range, Camouflage, Mini, Lightweight, VOX Hands Free, Handheld 2 Way Radios for Adults Hunting Scho... - $149.99

Retevis RT22 Walkie Talkies Rechargeable, Long Range Two Way Radio, 2 Way Radio for Adults, Handsfree VOX Mini, for Business Office School Church Restaurant Retail(Black,... - $149.99

Retevis RT22 2 Way Radios Walkie Talkies, Rechargeable Long Range Two Way Radio, 16 CH VOX Small Emergency 2 Pin Earpiece Headset, for School Retail Church Restaurant (Pa... - $159.99

Retevis RT68 Two-Way Radios Long Range, Walkie Talkies for Adults, 2 Way Radio with Earpiece, Walkie Talkie Rechargeable with Charging Base, for Manufacturing Restaurant ... - $169.99

RetevisRT29 Military Grade Walkie Talkies Long Range, Heavy Duty 2 Way Radio with 3200mAh Rechargeable, Emergency WalkieTalkies Adults with Earpiece(2 Pack) - $171.99

Case of 10, Retevis RT21 Two-Way Radios Rechargeable Long Range Walkie Talkies Hand Free 16CH Business 2 Way Radios, Wall Charger Base, 1100mAh Battery - $179.99

Retevis RT22S 2 Way Radios Walkie Talkies Long Range, Two Way Radios Rechargeable with Earpiece and Mic, Channel Display, Hands Free, for Healthcare Church School Retail ... - $179.99

Retevis RT86 Two Way Radios Long Range Rechargeable, High Power Heavy Duty 2600mAh 2 Way Radios, Remote Alarm Walkie Talkies Adults with Shoulder Mic(4 Pack) - $194.99

Retevis RT21 Walkie Talkies for Adults, 2 Way Radios Walkie Talkies Long Range, Portable FRS Two Way Radios with Earpiece, Handfree, for Government Education Churches Dea... - $199.99

Retevis RT22 Walkie Talkies Mini, Rechargeable Two Way Radio Long Range, 2 Way Radio Small, Portable VOX, for Business Commercial Work School Church Restaurant (20 Pack, ... - $259.99

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