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Deal of the Day: Jurassic World Toys, Apparel, & More

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Jurassic World Toys, Apparel, & More

Today ONLY, Amazon is offering deals on jurassic World Toys, Apparel, & More!

Hallmark Jurassic World: Dominion Beta Christmas Ornament - $9.99

Jurassic Park Logo Men's T-Shirt, Charcoal Heather, Large - $12.99 (reg. $19.99)

Hallmark Jurassic World T-Rex Bouncing Buddy Christmas Ornament - $12.92

Fisher-Price Imaginext Jurassic World Dominion Stegosaurus Dinosaur & Dr. Alan Grant, 3-Piece Poseable Figure Set for Preschool Kids Ages 3 and Up - $11.99 (reg. $14.99)

Jurassic Park Men's Retro Circle T-Shirt, Navy Blue, Medium - $12.09

Jurassic Park Men's Logo T-Shirt, Black, Large - $14.92

Jurassic Park Men's Raptor Logo T-Shirt, Charcoal Heather, Large - $15.11 (reg. $19.00)

Jurassic Park Men's Big Raptor Logo T-Shirt, Charcoal Heather, XXX-Large - $16.44

Jurassic Park Men's Park Staff Short Sleeve T-Shirt, Cream, 2X-Large - $17.98 (reg. $20.00)

Jurassic Park Men's Big Philosoraptor T-Shirt, Black, Medium - $17.98

Jurassic Park Men's All The Time T-Shirt, Royal Heather, X-Large - $17.49 (reg. $21.00)

Jurassic Park Men's Classic Movie Logo T-Shirt, Charcoal, 3X-Large - $17.49 (reg. $25.99)

Boy's Jurassic World Velociraptor DNA Sequence T-Shirt - Royal Blue - Small - $16.98

Jurassic World Junior's Camp Cretaceous Bumpy Badge T-Shirt, Navy Blue, Large - $17.98 (reg. $27.99)

Tiger Electronics Jurassic Park Electronic LCD Video Game, Retro-Inspired 1-Player Handheld Game, Ages 8 and Up - $16.99

Jurassic Park Boys Hooded Sweatshirt, Athletic Heather, Small US - $19.34 (reg. $39.99)

Jurassic World Fan-Favorite Character, Plush Dinosaur Toy with Chomp Action & Roar Sound, Soft Doll Play or Nap Buddy, Gift for Kids Ages 3 Years & Older - $19.99

Zak Designs Jurassic World Dominion Movie Ceramic Sculpted Mug and Plate Set for Coffee, Tea, Breakfast or Dessert, 3D Character Collectible Keepsake (2-Piece, Non BPA) - $19.99

Jurassic World: Dominion Uncaged Wild Pop Ups 4 Pack Collectable Dinosaur Toys with 3 Positions, Manually Activated Gift for Kids Ages 3 Years & Older [Amazon Exclusive] - $21.48

Jurassic World Feature Plush Ankylosaurus Bumpy Baby Dinosaur Toy with Roar Sound & Floppy Legs; Camp Cretaceous Soft Doll Play or Nap Buddy, Gift for Kids ... - $21.99 (reg. $29.88)

Jurassic Park Young Mens Officially Licensed Collage Graphic Tee Shirt, Black//Jurassic Collage, Large - $21.99

Fisher-Price Imaginext Jurassic World Indominus Rex Dinosaur Toy with Thrashing Action and Raptor Dinosaur for Preschool Pretend Play - $23.99 (reg. $35.99)

Hasbro Gaming The Game of Life Jurassic Park Edition Game, Family Board Game for Kids Ages 8 and Up, Inspired by The Original Hit Movie - $26.49

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Toy, Stomp 'N Escape Tyrannosaurus Rex Action Figure with Stomping Motion - $27.99 (reg. $49.99)

Jurassic Park NBCU Universal Men's Big & Tall Jurassic Collage T-Shirt, Black, 4X-Large Tall - $28.47

Jurassic World Dominion Chompin Action Giganotosaurus Plush Dinosaur Figure, Soft Doll with Roar Sound and Chomp Motion, Toy Gift - $32.99

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Multipack with 10 Mini Dinosaur Action Figures, Realistic Sculpting & One or More Movable Articulation Points Iconic to Its Species, 4 Year... - $37.98

Jurassic World Epic Roarin Tyrannosaurus Rex Large Action Figure with Primal Attack Feature, Sound, Realistic Shaking, Movable Joints; Ages 4 Years & Up - $39.99 (reg. $49.99)

Fisher-Price Imaginext Jurassic World Advent Calendar, Christmas Gift, Set Of 25 Preschool Toys For Ages 3 And Up - $40.13

Jurassic World Massive Biters Larger-sized Tarbosaurus Dinosaur Action Figure with Tail-activated Strike and Chomping Action,, Movable Joints, Movie-authentic Detail; Age... - $44.75

Jurassic World Ultimate Collection - Blu-ray + DVD + Digital - $45.99

Fisher-Price Imaginext Jurassic World Dominion Break Out Dino Hauler, T. Rex Dinosaur and Vehicle Set for Preschool Kids Ages 3 and Up - $49.44

Jurassic World Dominion Dinosaur Toy, Brachiosaurus Action Figure 32 Inches Long with Posable Joints, Gift for Kids and Collectors [Amazon Exclusive] - $59.99

Jurassic World Colossal Carnotaurus Toro Dinosaur Action Figure Camp Cretaceous with Stomach-Release Feature, 36-in/91-cm Long, Realistic Sculpting, Kid Gift Age 4 Years ... - $64.99

Jurassic World Large Dinosaur Toy, Super Colossal Velociraptor Blue Action Figure 3.5 Feet Long with Eating Feature, Gift for Kids - $69.99

Jurassic World Dominion Large Dinsoaur Toy, Super Colossal Atrociraptor Action Figure 3 Feet Long with Eating Feature, Gift for Kids [Amazon Exclusive] - $69.99 (reg. $81.78)

Fisher-Price Imaginext Jurassic World Dominion Giga Dinosaur Toy, 16 x 29 in, with Lights Sounds and Owen Grady Figure, Mega Stomp & Rumble Giga Dino - $80.15 (reg. $119.99)

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