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Chuckit! Ultra Ball

Purchase Chuckit! Ultra Ball at Amazon.com

Amazon.com is offering up a deal on Chuckit! Ultra Ball on sale for $5.30 (reg. $13.99). Get up to extra 10% off when you use the Subscribe & Save checkout method lowering the price to as low as $4.77 shipped!

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Reviewers said:

“I have four dogs – two shepherds and two border collies. I mostly play ball with the border collies and it works great. Although over time the ball gets a bit deflated, it still seems to work fine. Thankfully my shepherds have not yet burst the ball. This usually happens with other products. I like the orange color – easy to find in the yard when the dogs cannot. I will buy again when these don’t perform any longer.”

“My 20# puppy eats everything up, ripping it to shreds, but not this toy. Every toy including tennis balls have been destroyed by her, but this one is different – what can I say, it has her number! She throws it, then chases after it and it just keeps going. I love it for my puppy, and if this one ever gets messed up, I will buy another one and another one.”

“The only ball I’ve found that my dog hasn’t destroyed so far. It has lasted awhile. I’ve got a Black Lab/German Shepherd mix pup (she’s big and chews a lot).I would definitely buy again. Good brand and it has held up (so far, she’s still growing). I got the two-pack. It’s a great purchase if you have a dog that simply destroys dog toys or regular tennis balls. Great value for the price.”

If you’re on the hunt for a fun new toy to keep your pup active and engaged, then you should consider the ChuckIt Ultra Ball. This ball is specifically designed to enhance the way you and your pup play together. This textured ultra ball is made from filler-free durable materials that go the distance, so it won’t end up torn up or flattened after a few rounds of fetch. It’s bright colors make it easy to find, even if you play in tall grass.

Purchase Chuckit! Ultra Ball on Amazon.com

ChuckIt knows how important playtime is for the bond between you and your pup, which is why they make an array of indoor and outdoor products that help encourage active play. Their full line of ball launchers, puppy toys, flying discs, tennis balls for dogs, dog chew toys, and more are designed with your pup’s well being in mind. And this ChuckIt Ultra Ball is no exception to the stellar quality the company consistently provides — with over 114,000 amazing reviews, it’s clear that other customers rate its quality highly, too.

Purchase Chuckit! Ultra Ball on Amazon.com

Give your pup the enrichment they need and enjoy your extra time with the ChuckIt Ultra Ball at your side.

Purchase Chuckit! Ultra Ball on Amazon.com

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