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Catan The Board Game, Lowest Price!

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Purchase Catan The Board Game at Amazon.com

Hurry over to Amazon.com where you can get a deal on the Catan The Board Game priced at $43.97 (reg. $54.99).

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Experience a fun and engaging board game with Catan: The Board Game! Gather your friends and family together to explore the unknown, where you all have to work together to create a new world. Play in teams of three to four players and enjoy 60 minutes of captivating game-play where you establish settlements, build roads, and trade resources.

Purchase Catan The Board Game on Amazon.com

The Catan board game includes all the necessary supplies for a fun game night. In the box, youโ€™ll find 19 hexagonal terrain tiles, 6 sea frame pieces, 9 extra harbor pieces, 20 wooden settlement pieces, 16 wooden city pieces, 4 wooden robber pieces, 60 resource cards, 25 development cards, 4 building cost cards, 2 special bonus cards, 18 number tokens and 2 six-sided dice.

Purchase Catan The Board Game on Amazon.com

In this game of strategy and chance, players must fight to settle the island of Catan. The goal? Acquire the most victory points by building settlements and roads. Each turn, you roll the dice to decide which resources you will acquire. Will you build with wood, stone, wheat or brick? With smart trades and cunning strategies, you will be able to work your way up to glory and victory. Game on!

Purchase Catan The Board Game on Amazon.com

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