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12 Reasons to Give Gift Cards this Christmas

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12 Reasons to Give Gift Cards this Christmas

Gift cards get such a bad rep. People often view them as the lazy gift or the gift that you give to someone who you don’t know what to get them. I think gift cards are amazing and I always give them out for holiday gifts.

  1. The End of Year Sales! December 26th that $100 set of headphones or the $100 toy set will be $60. So the money you give someone in gift card form will end up going a lot further than you even imagined.
    The End of Year Sales
  2. It’s like an extra gift! Christmas isn’t over after all the gifts have been unwrapped. You would still have an extra gift card to buy whatever you like! Kids go wild after unwrapping a gift card because they unwrapped something adults usually get and they have 100% say in what they want.
  3. For the kid who didn’t get everything they wanted… Gift cards allow someone to get something they were really hoping for after they didn’t get it. Maybe your mind slipped up and Santa forgot something they really wanted. Gift card to the rescue!
  4. Expansion packs? Often kids toys or games will be able to be expanded with expansion packs. The gift of a gift card is giving them the choice of the expansion pack they might want.
  5. Balance out the gifts. My much younger brother got a few more gifts than his older brother so I bought the older brother larger gift card to balance out the disparity. 🙂 I can’t be accused of favoritism.
  6. No returns or refunds. No one returns a gift card – unless it isn’t to Amazon. 😉 When I get a gift I don’t like, like a shirt with a gift receipt, what you really bought me was an errand.
    Gift Card
  7. Teach kids to budget! The only way kids learn the true value of a dollar is by getting to budget the amount of money they have.
  8. Gift cards can be practical. You never know how much someone is struggling. If you give a $100 gift card you may expect a college student to buy a brand new designer bag, but they may actually more wisely spend it on food and personal care products. The things they really need. If you know someone is struggling, but don’t want to give an awkward gift of groceries, a gift card will help them retain dignity.
  9. You can buy gifts from home! It’s so tough to find the time to go to the mall, find parking and shop around but everything is on Amazon and you can get it delivered right to your door! Give me 10 mins at work and I can do my weekly grocery shopping on Amazon Prime Now for FREE delivery!
  10. The designs are really fun. Check out this cute little Amazon box gift card. 🙂Amazon box gift card
  11. Send on-time! You can set up gift cards to email out on Christmas!Gift Card
  12. Nobody hates gift cards. 🙂

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