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How I got 5% Back on Every Amazon Purchase Last Month!

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How to 5% Credit Back on All Amazon Purchases!

Yeah the answer is a credit card, but hear me out!

If you shop on Amazon a lot, and pay all your credit cards back on time it’s actually a good deal. Imagine if there was an offer to get 5% off all your Amazon purchases – you’d do it right? Well, this is it. 🙂

I decided to write this post because I logged into the Amazon Store Card portal and saw this.

How to 5% Credit Back on All Amazon Purchases!

It took me a minute to realize what was going on with my account because I thought I paid everything off and didn’t at all think I over paid at all. (The blurred part is my account limit which is personal.)

My Amazon Store Card is paid off fully but I earned $75.15 from my purchases in December so my account has a negative balance of $75.15 meaning the next $75.15 I spend on my store card is FREE!

I Just Made $32.08 From Amazon Anytime Gift Cards!

If you do the math is means I spent around $1500 in December, which sounds like a lot but around $700 of that is gift cards that I can redeem back to my own account at any time with $2 Amazon Credit per $10 gift card bought (deal mentioned here but no longer available).

Amazon Prime Day: 20% Off Select Gift Card Lightning Deals!

There were also lots of lightning gift card deals where gift cards to places I already shop throughout the year were on sale for 20% off so that was 5% off on top of those deals.

prime fresh now

I also do all my grocery shopping through Amazon Fresh, and shop a lot in the sale section so I got an extra 5% back on all of my groceries. 🙂

Christmas presents

And gosh, don’t forget all the Christmas presents I bought last month! My family were really happy with what I got them and my sister loved all the Barbies which were super cheap with all the deals! 🙂

How to 5% Credit Back on All Amazon Purchases!

So now on top of saving on groceries, the FREE $2 per $10 credit from Amazon anytime gift cards, coupons savings, subscribe & save savings, Amazon Sample Box credit, other promotional credit and even no-rush shipping credit – I got 5% back on every dollar I spent!


I plan to just let the credit chill in my account and use it towards the next purchases of household supplies like toilet paper, trash bags etc because if I put it towards the things I truly need to live it’s the best deal possible. 😀

Though I have to admit, I did almost put it towards a new kate spade new york bag… 😉

Thinking about an Amazon Store card? Check it out here and read the fine print to make sure it’s right for you. 🙂 It’s only a great deal if you’re financially responsible enough to pay it off on time.



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