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Closing Down Two Mailing Lists & Reviving the Facebook Group

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In preparation for the HUGE amount of Black Friday deals coming this way I am doing two things:

  1. Shutting down two mailing lists – daily round up and RSS feed round up (don’t worry, hot deals, prices mistakes and special offers will all be active.)
  2. Reviving the Facebook Group – it is a closed group, but free to add yourself and I will get you approved.

Long story short, these two mailing lists were not really being used. I don’t have the energy at night to post long around ups and I wouldn’t be able to put in prices in posts in a way that is compliant with Amazon’s rules. It would also take readers multiple clicks to get to the Amazon links and I think it would be too annoying for readers to get any value out of.

Secondly, you may be wondering where the Facebook group has been all this time… Well, right as I was about to transfer the group to be a part of the page I got flagged for having two accounts and after two weeks of fighting Facebook I just lost interest in trying to fight for it back. I had two accounts because I keep personal and business private, but Facebook does not seem to like that.

Facebook restored my account access recently and I transferred group ownership to the page!

Closing Down Two Mailing Lists & Reviving the Facebook Group

What’s the group for?

I recognize that being frugal isn’t something that everyone is proud of all the time. Society is shaped in such a way that people only want to show off on Facebook photos of themselves looking glamorous on private jets, not saving 75% off of laundry detergent.

The closed group gives you guys a way liking, commenting and interacting in ways that your friends won’t see. Facebook will also notify you if there’s a HOT deal. ?

This is not the first deal website to have a Facebook group, many seem to and I wondered if it was right for this site, but with 800ish members and a lot of them missing the posts I am moving forward with this decision. 🙂

Thanks for barring with me as I work to make this holiday shopping season really fruitful for you and your family. 🙂

Join the Facebook group here >>>



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