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Why You Can’t Access This Website From China

Why You Can't Access This Website From China

Since everyone is making their vacation plans for the summer (even me πŸ™‚ ), I thought I’d talk about the fact that a lot of countries are blocked from visiting this website.

This is my decision and has nothing to do with political censorship, but that there are many sellers from other countries pushing less than stellar products on Amazon. I understand their decision and to be fair, not all products are terrible but about 98% of the sellers who message me are trying to push me to post about their low quality products at terrible prices.

Crappy Deal

The anatomy of a crappy deal from a seller is simple:

  • Lots of keywords stuffed into a product name and perhaps even incorrect punctuation in product names – the most common I see is no space after the comma
  • A discount of less than 10%
  • A low product rating or a product with one or two good reviews which look fake.
  • A deal too good to be true (a seller who basically wants to harvest your email and address for future use.)
  • Electronic products which are not UL certified – a certification which makes sure you as a consumer are protected against electric shocks etc. This can also include chargers for your phone which will end up damaging the life of your battery.

Why You Can't Access This Website From China

After a recent server glitch caused this website to go down, all the country blocks were lost which led to a HUGE influx of messages I got like this. I get pinged on and respond to every message so you can imagine it was frustrating for me to have to do that at such a high volume. So the country blocks were successfully restored a week ago. πŸ™‚

Additionally, looking at the database logs there’s a high amount of traffic from countries like Russia, China and Malaysia who constantly try to break in which makes this website slower for you guys.

Plus, EVERYTHING I post on here concerns Amazon.com, not Amazon.ru or Amazon.cn or Amazon.ca. That means all the products ship to US addresses.

At Jungle Deals Blog, we only deal in quality products. And it IS possible to get quality products at low prices. I don’t feel like I lose anything by blocking these sellers from being able to contact me. I am a fan of small business and I want sellers to succeed but not at the cost to you, the personal cost of making me hate my inbox or damaging the website infrastructure.

Great Deal

The JDB readers mean a lot to me. Every deal I post has been personally evaluated by me to be a good price on a quality product and I won’t clog this website with trashy goods. That’s why we have a blanket policy of NOT accepting any deal submissions from sellers.

If you are a seller looking to get your products out there. I honestly wish you well as I know what it is like to run a small business, but here is not your outlet for exposure and there are plenty of “GLITCH” websites and groups that happily just post anything.

Lastly, I won’t share a list of countries that are blocked besides the ones I’ve mentioned in this post, but if you are going on vacation, living overseas on an army base and have concerns about being able to get your daily deal dose then feel free to contact me at the Facebook page here. πŸ™‚

Thank you for coming to this website every day, I value each one of you and hope you get value from this site.

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Taking a Break — Have a Great Christmas Holiday!

Have a Great Christmas Holiday!

Happy holidays everyone!

Though this site is about shopping and finding deals remember that there’s nothing more important than family and giving your time to them. In that spirit today (23rd) and tomorrow (24th) I’ll be taking time off from blogging to hang out with my family.

I’m sure on Christmas there will be some blog worthy deals so I will be back then but for now enjoy some of the links below where I usually find deals or update deals posted:

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12 Reasons to Give Gift Cards this Christmas

12 Reasons to Give Gift Cards this Christmas

Gift cards get such a bad rep. People often view them as the lazy gift or the gift that you give to someone who you don’t know what to get them. I think gift cards are amazing and I always give them out for holiday gifts.

  1. The End of Year Sales! December 26th that $100 set of headphones or the $100 toy set will be $60. So the money you give someone in gift card form will end up going a lot further than you even imagined.
    The End of Year Sales
  2. It’s like an extra gift! Christmas isn’t over after all the gifts have been unwrapped. You would still have an extra gift card to buy whatever you like! Kids go wild after unwrapping a gift card because they unwrapped something adults usually get and they have 100% say in what they want.
  3. For the kid who didn’t get everything they wanted… Gift cards allow someone to get something they were really hoping for after they didn’t get it. Maybe your mind slipped up and Santa forgot something they really wanted. Gift card to the rescue!
  4. Expansion packs? Often kids toys or games will be able to be expanded with expansion packs. The gift of a gift card is giving them the choice of the expansion pack they might want.
  5. Balance out the gifts. My much younger brother got a few more gifts than his older brother so I bought the older brother larger gift card to balance out the disparity. πŸ™‚ I can’t be accused of favoritism.
  6. No returns or refunds. No one returns a gift card – unless it isn’t to Amazon. πŸ˜‰ When I get a gift I don’t like, like a shirt with a gift receipt, what you really bought me was an errand.
    Gift Card
  7. Teach kids to budget! The only way kids learn the true value of a dollar is by getting to budget the amount of money they have.
  8. Gift cards can be practical. You never know how much someone is struggling. If you give a $100 gift card you may expect a college student to buy a brand new designer bag, but they may actually more wisely spend it on food and personal care products. The things they really need. If you know someone is struggling, but don’t want to give an awkward gift of groceries, a gift card will help them retain dignity.
  9. You can buy gifts from home! It’s so tough to find the time to go to the mall, find parking and shop around but everything is on Amazon and you can get it delivered right to your door! Give me 10 mins at work and I can do my weekly grocery shopping on Amazon Prime Now for FREE delivery!
  10. The designs are really fun. Check out this cute little Amazon box gift card. πŸ™‚Amazon box gift card
  11. Send on-time! You can set up gift cards to email out on Christmas!Gift Card
  12. Nobody hates gift cards. πŸ™‚

See all the available Amazon gift card formats here >>>

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Closing Down Two Mailing Lists & Reviving the Facebook Group

Join Our Closed Facebook Group -- Less Public than Facebook Page

In preparation for the HUGE amount of Black Friday deals coming this way I am doing two things:

  1. Shutting down two mailing lists – daily round up and RSS feed round up (don’t worry, hot deals, prices mistakes and special offers will all be active.)
  2. Reviving the Facebook Group – it is a closed group, but free to add yourself and I will get you approved.

Long story short, these two mailing lists were not really being used. I don’t have the energy at night to post long around ups and I wouldn’t be able to put in prices in posts in a way that is compliant with Amazon’s rules. It would also take readers multiple clicks to get to the Amazon links and I think it would be too annoying for readers to get any value out of.

Secondly, you may be wondering where the Facebook group has been all this time… Well, right as I was about to transfer the group to be a part of the page I got flagged for having two accounts and after two weeks of fighting Facebook I just lost interest in trying to fight for it back. I had two accounts because I keep personal and business private, but Facebook does not seem to like that.

Facebook restored my account access recently and I transferred group ownership to the page!

Closing Down Two Mailing Lists & Reviving the Facebook Group

What’s the group for?

I recognize that being frugal isn’t something that everyone is proud of all the time. Society is shaped in such a way that people only want to show off on Facebook photos of themselves looking glamorous on private jets, not saving 75% off of laundry detergent.

The closed group gives you guys a way liking, commenting and interacting in ways that your friends won’t see. Facebook will also notify you if there’s a HOT deal.Β ?

This is not the first deal website to have a Facebook group, many seem to and I wondered if it was right for this site, but with 800ish members and a lot of them missing the posts I am moving forward with this decision. πŸ™‚

Thanks for barring with me as I work to make this holiday shopping season really fruitful for you and your family. πŸ™‚

Join the Facebook group here >>>

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Here’s What It’s Like to Use One of Amazon’s New Pickup Facilities

Here's What It's Like to Use One of Amazon's New Pickup Facilities

Amazon investing in more physical presences? Yes! And believe it or not this one is just a couple of blocks from where I live. πŸ™‚

Amazon just opened a Pickup Facility right by me in the middle of a downtown area. You may ask why they’re choosing to pay a probably obscene amount of rent for a spacious package holding room, but it actually makes a lot of sense if you live in a downtown metro.

Here's What It's Like to Use One of Amazon's New Pickup Facilities

A couple of days ago I noticed this new link at the top of my Amazon pages which let to a page explaining I could have my packages ship to a new pickup facility which just opened.

Here's What It's Like to Use One of Amazon's New Pickup Facilities

Pick up today?! Wow. I decided to test it out by ordering a white noise machine. Earlier in the day I had read an article on cheap items that make a drastic improvement to your life and I decided to try out this highly rated $20 white noise machine. I checked out and selected the new pickup facility as my address. 12 hours later, I got this email. πŸ™‚

Here's What It's Like to Use One of Amazon's New Pickup Facilities

They will hold my package until November 18th! That’s a long time to let it chill until I can pick it up too. I headed there an hour later…

Here's What It's Like to Use One of Amazon's New Pickup Facilities

The store itself has a seating area where you can watch Amazon’s Prime Streaming service though I did not see anyone in there at the time. There were also kiosks where you could log in and start a return!

Clicking the link in my email on my phone brought me to a page where I could see a barcode.

Here's What It's Like to Use One of Amazon's New Pickup Facilities

I scanned my code on the correct numbered locker and a door just swung open! πŸ™‚ It was the easiest package pickup ever! This is pretty much the only part that’s exactly the same as going to an Amazon locker.

Very important: they also have a returns drop slot. πŸ™‚

But even better….

Here's What It's Like to Use One of Amazon's New Pickup Facilities

Don’t want to carry all that cardboard and packaging home? Recycle it there! πŸ˜€ The tables even have box cutters to help you open your package and break down the box.

You guys know how much Amazon I order, but you probably don’t know how many boxes I deal with every week. Getting to recycle the envelope there and carry a small box with my white noise machine home was such a bonus!

Here's What It's Like to Use One of Amazon's New Pickup Facilities

Making a return? Use the label you printed from the return kiosks along and use packaging on this table to package it securely!

Here's What It's Like to Use One of Amazon's New Pickup Facilities

The icing on the cake was that they were also giving away free samples of a new protein bar. Pretty cool if you ask me. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to use this facility some more and it’s going to be perfect for everyone traveling over the holidays.

Here’s why Amazon opened their new pickup facility…..

There aren’t always enough Amazon Lockers – In a large city because of the amount of people living around you Amazon Lockers can also run out of storage quickly. Stores that house Amazon Lockers also impose restrictions on Amazon’s Locker access including delivery times, rent due and customers don’t want to feel obligated to buy something there just because they’re picking up a package.

Packages can get stolen on your doorstepΒ – If you live in a building that has access to anyone, you’re probably likely to get a few packages stolen throughout the year. Having the option for a million people to ship their items to pickup here means less packages stolen and saves money in the long run.

Amazon’s delivery personnel don’t have access everywhere – Amazon has started to employ their own delivery drivers instead of just using UPS which means that all news new delivery staff won’t have building access for apartment blocks. Often this can lead customers to print their access codes on the box’s mailing address which also presents a security risk. I also live next to a huge university and if you’ve lived on a college campus, you know what a pain it is to get packages.

On vacation? Pickup will store your package for up to 14 days – I travel a lot so this is great for me. 2 day free shipping is awesome if you want to get it fast and no-rush shipping is even better to get it in 5 days + a digital credit. But what about if I am on a 10 day overseas business trip? I don’t want my packages to sit at the doorstep waiting to get stolen!

Industrial engineering means you can get packages faster – You don’t need a math degree to know that delivering a truck full of items to one address is faster than delivering them to 100. Decreasing the amount of resources needed to get your package to you also saves Amazon money.

Amazon can advertise and perhaps even sell new products – Just as the sample stand was there it’s another opportunity for Amazon to market new items you might enjoy. I bet they may even start selling Amazon products in these facilities at some point. πŸ™‚ Owning where the lockers are housed gives Amazon more freedom to do what they want.

More people will get Amazon Prime Memberships – This facility seems to solve some of the problems with getting packages to people in cities and as such removes some of the major blockers to considering a membership. Returns are now not even bothersome if Amazon provides the packaging.

I am looking forward to seeing these in more cities!

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9 Ways You Can Find Extra Money for Prime Day

9 Ways You Can Find Extra Money for Prime Day

Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

I don’t know about you guys, but I had some unexpected medical expenses come up this month and I have been looking for ways to get more value out of the upcoming Prime Day. If you’re also pinching pennies, here are some ways you can free up extra money for Amazon’s Prime Day which is the second week of next month.

Shop with your Credit Card Points on Amazon.com

Shop with Points – If you have a credit card from Citi, Chase, American Express or Discover you can use your points to pay for items at Amazon. Amazon also has their own credit card that you can get rewards on with a FREE gift card if you are approved! I pay my CC bill on time and then use my points to pay for things like toilet paper, laundry supplies and paper towels – which all end up being free! FREE is the ultimate deal. πŸ™‚

Credit Card rewards

Credit Card Rewards – Some credit card companies, such as Wells Fargo, have point reward programs that you can cash in for gift cards. If you cash them in today there’s a good chance your gift card will be delivered before Prime Day.

*HOT* Amazon Wedding Registry: Rare 20% Off Completion Discount!

Get an Amazon Wedding registry (even if you’re not getting married!) – Amazon always seems to give extra discount to use on anything to those who have wedding registries so I always have one going and I enjoy the extra discounts. Sign up for one here >>>

Prime Day Offer: Get $30 off your purchase of $150 or more with the Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card

Register for the Amazon Visa Credit Card – Amazon always offers extra discount on Prime Day to Visa card holders. πŸ™‚

Don’t have an Amazon Visa Card? If you register for one hereΒ and you can be eligible for this discount on Prime Day. Do be careful to pay it off within the grace period as the fees are huge if you don’t.


Return items that are unused

Return items that are unused – If you have some shoes or jewelry lying around that you purchased from Amazon within the last 30 days and you don’t think you will get any use out of them then just return them by following the steps at Amazon.com/returns. Amazon offers free return shipping on jewelry and clothing and you can get credited back in the form of a gift card within one day of mailing your returned item.

Rebate cards/Visa gift cards etc

Rebate cards/Visa gift cards etc –Β Everyone has at least one of these things lying around. Usually from a Verizon or AT&T promo, or even a Visa Gift card that you didn’t use the whole balance and there are only a couple of dollars left.

Use the number on the back of the card to check the balance and then buy an Amazon email gift card and email it to your self. You can then redeem it here back to your own account. I think it’s the 2016 digital equivalent of finding coins in the couch cushions. Hey, every little helps!

Cash in any other rewards programs

Cash in any other rewards programs –Β I work somewhere that encourages you to be active via a program called Virgin Pulse. You sync up your steps from a pedometer and when you get enough points you can redeem them for an Amazon Gift Card. Just got $25 for waking up and rolling out of bed! πŸ˜‰ If you are a member of similar programs now is the time to cash this in.

Check Your No-Rush Shipping Credit & Rent or Buy Premium Movies for FREE!

Check out other Amazon CreditsGo here to check out other Amazon credits you may have from no-rush shipping. While it doesn’t list all the credits you can see things like how much video credit you have an Amazon will have lots of digital TV and Video on sale during Prime Day.

Mpow Universal Windshield Car Mount for All Phones -- $6.99 + $5.99 No-Rush Shipping Prime Pantry Credit

Checkout with no-rush shipping – If you buy anything in the next couple of days definitely check out with no-rush shipping if you don’t need it right away. These credits may even double on Prime Day when you checkout via no-rush — they sure doubled last year! Right now on select items you can get a $1 digital no-rush shipping credit or even a $5.99 Prime Pantry shipping credit. Not bad!

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Is Fisher Price Releasing An Exercise Bike For Kids?? Yes, yes, they are…

Note: This is by no means a deal, I just found it interesting.

In my Amazon travels this morning I noticed that Amazon listedΒ Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle Toy – New for 2017Β as a new product. Curious, I took a look and discovered that this toy is an exercise machine for kids retailing for $99.73 (reg. $149.99).

My first thought was “wow, it’s really hard to separate kids from their screens these days, even when they want to go biking”. But what if you live in an area with lots of snow or extreme heat and you still want your kiddo to learn the fun of getting exercise and moving about? What if your kid needs a little help getting more active? Might not be a bad idea plus with gamification you can make it fun.

There are no reviews yet, but I’ve listed the features below and if anyone is interested it ships July 1st.

  • 3 ways to play: driving, gaming, and racing! The more kids pedal, the more they can learn!
  • Bluetooth technology enables play on a tablet or TV screen for an immersive play experience
  • Download the free Smart Cycle Mission to Tech City app for exciting racing & learning games
  • KID TOUGH steel construction-tough enough to take what preschoolers dish out!
  • Movable, steering handlebars with input controls & a joystick add to the play experience, putting kids in control!
  • Adjustable seat makes play more comfortable
  • Convenient adjustable tablet holder fits tablets of various sizes
  • Smart Cycle is compatible with Apple iPad, Apple TV, most Android tablets, Android TV, Amazon Fire tablets, and Amazon FireTV

See it here: Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle Toy – New for 2017 >>>

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