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9 Ways You Can Find Extra Money for Prime Day

9 Ways You Can Find Extra Money for Prime Day

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I don’t know about you guys, but I had some unexpected medical expenses come up this month and I have been looking for ways to get more value out of the upcoming Prime Day. If you’re also pinching pennies, here are some ways you can free up extra money for Amazon’s Prime Day which is the second week of next month.

Shop with your Credit Card Points on Amazon.com

Shop with Points – If you have a credit card from Citi, Chase, American Express or Discover you can use your points to pay for items at Amazon. Amazon also has their own credit card that you can get rewards on with a FREE gift card if you are approved! I pay my CC bill on time and then use my points to pay for things like toilet paper, laundry supplies and paper towels – which all end up being free! FREE is the ultimate deal. 🙂

Credit Card rewards

Credit Card Rewards – Some credit card companies, such as Wells Fargo, have point reward programs that you can cash in for gift cards. If you cash them in today there’s a good chance your gift card will be delivered before Prime Day.

*HOT* Amazon Wedding Registry: Rare 20% Off Completion Discount!

Get an Amazon Wedding registry (even if you’re not getting married!) – Amazon always seems to give extra discount to use on anything to those who have wedding registries so I always have one going and I enjoy the extra discounts. Sign up for one here >>>

Prime Day Offer: Get $30 off your purchase of $150 or more with the Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card

Register for the Amazon Visa Credit Card – Amazon always offers extra discount on Prime Day to Visa card holders. 🙂

Don’t have an Amazon Visa Card? If you register for one here and you can be eligible for this discount on Prime Day. Do be careful to pay it off within the grace period as the fees are huge if you don’t.


Return items that are unused

Return items that are unused – If you have some shoes or jewelry lying around that you purchased from Amazon within the last 30 days and you don’t think you will get any use out of them then just return them by following the steps at Amazon.com/returns. Amazon offers free return shipping on jewelry and clothing and you can get credited back in the form of a gift card within one day of mailing your returned item.

Rebate cards/Visa gift cards etc

Rebate cards/Visa gift cards etc – Everyone has at least one of these things lying around. Usually from a Verizon or AT&T promo, or even a Visa Gift card that you didn’t use the whole balance and there are only a couple of dollars left.

Use the number on the back of the card to check the balance and then buy an Amazon email gift card and email it to your self. You can then redeem it here back to your own account. I think it’s the 2016 digital equivalent of finding coins in the couch cushions. Hey, every little helps!

Cash in any other rewards programs

Cash in any other rewards programs – I work somewhere that encourages you to be active via a program called Virgin Pulse. You sync up your steps from a pedometer and when you get enough points you can redeem them for an Amazon Gift Card. Just got $25 for waking up and rolling out of bed! 😉 If you are a member of similar programs now is the time to cash this in.

Check Your No-Rush Shipping Credit & Rent or Buy Premium Movies for FREE!

Check out other Amazon CreditsGo here to check out other Amazon credits you may have from no-rush shipping. While it doesn’t list all the credits you can see things like how much video credit you have an Amazon will have lots of digital TV and Video on sale during Prime Day.

Mpow Universal Windshield Car Mount for All Phones -- $6.99 + $5.99 No-Rush Shipping Prime Pantry Credit

Checkout with no-rush shipping – If you buy anything in the next couple of days definitely check out with no-rush shipping if you don’t need it right away. These credits may even double on Prime Day when you checkout via no-rush — they sure doubled last year! Right now on select items you can get a $1 digital no-rush shipping credit or even a $5.99 Prime Pantry shipping credit. Not bad!

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Is Fisher Price Releasing An Exercise Bike For Kids?? Yes, yes, they are…

Note: This is by no means a deal, I just found it interesting.

In my Amazon travels this morning I noticed that Amazon listed Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle Toy – New for 2017 as a new product. Curious, I took a look and discovered that this toy is an exercise machine for kids retailing for $150.00 (reg. $149.99).

My first thought was “wow, it’s really hard to separate kids from their screens these days, even when they want to go biking”. But what if you live in an area with lots of snow or extreme heat and you still want your kiddo to learn the fun of getting exercise and moving about? What if your kid needs a little help getting more active? Might not be a bad idea plus with gamification you can make it fun.

There are no reviews yet, but I’ve listed the features below and if anyone is interested it ships July 1st.

  • 3 ways to play: driving, gaming, and racing! The more kids pedal, the more they can learn!
  • Bluetooth technology enables play on a tablet or TV screen for an immersive play experience
  • Download the free Smart Cycle Mission to Tech City app for exciting racing & learning games
  • KID TOUGH steel construction-tough enough to take what preschoolers dish out!
  • Movable, steering handlebars with input controls & a joystick add to the play experience, putting kids in control!
  • Adjustable seat makes play more comfortable
  • Convenient adjustable tablet holder fits tablets of various sizes
  • Smart Cycle is compatible with Apple iPad, Apple TV, most Android tablets, Android TV, Amazon Fire tablets, and Amazon FireTV

See it here: Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle Toy – New for 2017 >>>

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Amazon’s Luxury Beauty Sample Box — FREE After Credit — Here’s Mine!

Amazon's Luxury Beauty Sample Box -- FREE After Credit -- Here's Mine!

Did you get your Amazon Luxury Sample box yet?

Unlike Amazon’s other sample boxes, this one is its own separate box complete with bow! The unboxing process was really awesome and it felt like Amazon’s Christmas present to me. 🙂

Amazon's Luxury Beauty Sample Box -- FREE After Credit -- Here's Mine!

The box itself was STUFFED full of samples of lots of premium products. 😀

Amazon's Luxury Beauty Sample Box -- FREE After Credit -- Here's Mine!

Not bad for being FREE after credit!

If you’re new of the Amazon Sample Boxes, you basically buy the box for a small cost and then get the equivalent credit back to spend on a multitude of items, not just items in the box. In fact the credit I got back for ordering this box applies to over 6,500 products listed here! 🙂 A few of which go on sale for amazing prices frequently.

Get your Amazon Luxury Beauty box here >>>

Amazon Cyber Monday: 3 NEW Sample Boxes -- FREE After Credit!

Did you already get the sample box and want to get another one as a gift or for stocking stuffers? It’s possible to order another box and get another round of credit. 😉

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Jungle Deals Blog Updates: Focussing on Mobile!


You may not know it from my lack of updates today, but I spent the day in front of the computer – mostly improving the mobile design! Looks much better right? I was starting to really hate the purple. 🙂

Because I spend all day on my laptop and only really see the site through the desktop design I haven’t really been that attentive to mobile users and that stops now!

Jungle Deals Blog Updates: Focussing on Mobile!

About 70% of you viewing this site are actually doing it through a mobile device – it is kind of where the internet is going and from now on I will be working to give a really beautiful mobile experience by using the site on mobile when I am not writing posts. 😉

There are a few things I still need to tweak and a lot I want to improve…

  • The load time of the site – it’s around 5 seconds because all the prices from Amazon are actually pulled from the API. It really sucks to have to wait so long for the page to load and trust me no one hates this more than me since I’m looking at my site all day.
  • Fonts and font sizes – I really want to find a more readable font.
  • Make the tools on this site easier to use for mobile users.
  • Improve the usability for sharing content to social networks.
  • Load comments on all posts
  • Remove the RSS Feed…

Yes, I will be removing the RSS Feed. 🙁 For those of you following on sites like bloglovin’, feedly, newsblur etc this feed will be removed soon. This is because I am just really tired of seeing the full html of my posts show up on other websites without any content attribution and with affiliate links changed. This is an unfortunate problem and no other way around it.

This means that I will also be changing the mailing list service I use since the current one uses RSS feeds to get the post content to an email to be sent to you guys. I will update more closer to the time.

But for now just know that I am committed to giving you guys a great experience – if I wasn’t there would be ads on the site. 😉

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How I got 5% Back on Every Amazon Purchase Last Month!

How to 5% Credit Back on All Amazon Purchases!

Yeah the answer is a credit card, but hear me out!

If you shop on Amazon a lot, and pay all your credit cards back on time it’s actually a good deal. Imagine if there was an offer to get 5% off all your Amazon purchases – you’d do it right? Well, this is it. 🙂

I decided to write this post because I logged into the Amazon Store Card portal and saw this.

How to 5% Credit Back on All Amazon Purchases!

It took me a minute to realize what was going on with my account because I thought I paid everything off and didn’t at all think I over paid at all. (The blurred part is my account limit which is personal.)

My Amazon Store Card is paid off fully but I earned $75.15 from my purchases in December so my account has a negative balance of $75.15 meaning the next $75.15 I spend on my store card is FREE!

I Just Made $32.08 From Amazon Anytime Gift Cards!

If you do the math is means I spent around $1500 in December, which sounds like a lot but around $700 of that is gift cards that I can redeem back to my own account at any time with $2 Amazon Credit per $10 gift card bought (deal mentioned here but no longer available).

Amazon Prime Day: 20% Off Select Gift Card Lightning Deals!

There were also lots of lightning gift card deals where gift cards to places I already shop throughout the year were on sale for 20% off so that was 5% off on top of those deals.

prime fresh now

I also do all my grocery shopping through Amazon Fresh, and shop a lot in the sale section so I got an extra 5% back on all of my groceries. 🙂

Christmas presents

And gosh, don’t forget all the Christmas presents I bought last month! My family were really happy with what I got them and my sister loved all the Barbies which were super cheap with all the deals! 🙂

How to 5% Credit Back on All Amazon Purchases!

So now on top of saving on groceries, the FREE $2 per $10 credit from Amazon anytime gift cards, coupons savings, subscribe & save savings, Amazon Sample Box credit, other promotional credit and even no-rush shipping credit – I got 5% back on every dollar I spent!


I plan to just let the credit chill in my account and use it towards the next purchases of household supplies like toilet paper, trash bags etc because if I put it towards the things I truly need to live it’s the best deal possible. 😀

Though I have to admit, I did almost put it towards a new kate spade new york bag… 😉

Thinking about an Amazon Store card? Check it out here and read the fine print to make sure it’s right for you. 🙂 It’s only a great deal if you’re financially responsible enough to pay it off on time.

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Thank You for Another Great Year!

Thank You for Another Great Year!

Thank you guys for another GREAT year! When I started this blog back in 2013, I had no idea it would be considered to be the authority on deals at Amazon. Every year I am so thankful for many of you guys who visit this site first thing in the morning and take advantage of all the amazing bargains.

The above photo is a screenshot from the stats showing that this site doubles in traffic every year and I couldn’t be happier to work on something you guys enjoy so much. 🙂

Though back in August Amazon decided to cut the average commission on products sold through this site from 8% – 1% I have decided to keep blogging every day. Finding bargains and deals every day is something I really enjoy doing, even if I won’t be able to turn it into a full time job.

Stay tuned, there are some great projects in the works. 🙂

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*HOT HOT HOT* I Just Made $32.08 From Amazon Anytime Gift Cards!

I Just Made $32.08 From Amazon Anytime Gift Cards!

As I told you guys earlier, Amazon is running a promotion where you can get $2 back every time you load an Amazon Anytime gift card through 12/31! Reading the terms an conditions, it doesn’t specify how many times you can use this promotion because it’s unlimited! 🙂

Even sweeter, you can redeem the gift cards back to your own account so you are essentially pocketing the $2. 😉

I Just Made $32.08 From Amazon Anytime Gift Cards!

As reader Elizabeth mentioned in the comments: The $2 promotional credit you get from this offer is good for use on products shipped and sold by Amazon including subscribe & save items and doesn’t expire until march 31st 2017! 🙂

Here’s how this deal works:

Amazon Premium Greeting Cards with Anytime Gift Cards, Pack of 3 (Merry Christmas Design)

  1. Buy a 3 pack of Amazon Anytime gift cards for $1.99
  2. Go to amazon.com/anytimecards, input the gift card information and load the gift card with at least $10 to get $2 back!
  3. Go to amazon.com/redeem to redeem the gift card amount back to your account!

That’s a total of $6 credit from a $1.99 purchase meaning it’s a money maker of $4.01 per pack! Repeat for how many gift cards you have! 🙂

I Just Made $32.08 From Amazon Anytime Gift Cards!

I had 24 gift cards or 8 packs of 3 happy birthday Amazon Anytime gift cards. So at a profit of $4.01 per pack I just made $32.08 profit. 🙂

I Just Made $32.08 From Amazon Anytime Gift Cards!

I redeemed them all while I was watching TV so it didn’t even feel like work!

Discount check

The $2 is applied at checkout to Amazon.com orders – one credit will be applied per order.

I Just Made $32.08 From Amazon Anytime Gift Cards!

I have another 10 of these being delivered by tomorrow so that’s another 40 bucks!

Amazon Premium Greeting Cards with Anytime Gift Cards, Pack of 3 (Merry Christmas Design)

Order your anytime gift cards NOW! 🙂 Important: Make sure they deliver by 12/31 to use them in time before the promotion expires!

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