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Amazon’s Holiday Delivery Calendar — Check When is Your Last Day to Order!

Amazon's Holiday Delivery Calendar -- Check When is Your Last Day to Order!

It’s the 18th right now which means a week until the big holiday. I just spent the evening going through all the gifts I had making sure I didn’t have too many for any sibling and making sure I had some nice stuff for my step-Mom and Father. So glad I did because according to Amazon’s Holiday Delivery calendar it doesn’t look like there’s too much time to get those last minute orders in!

Tomorrow Monday 19th – Last day for Standard shipping (this is FREE shipping on lots of non-prime items that ship in 5 days!)

Thursday December 22nd – Last day for Two Day Prime Shipping on millions of items which are going FAST!

Friday December 23rd – Last day for FREE One Day Shipping on about a million items in many cities

Saturday December 24th – Last day for Same Day shipping!

Sunday December 25th – Last minute gifts – give the gift of Prime? Also historically every Christmas we get a deal on videos, music, books and everything you can enjoy on a Kindle so these make great last minute deals for Kindle owners.

See Amazon’s official holiday calendar >>>

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Amazon Launches “Countdown to Black Friday Deals Week”

Amazon Launches “Countdown to Black Friday Deals Week”

You may want to bookmark this page.

Though there isn’t much going on right now, Amazon launched their Black Friday deals week page. Typically Black Friday deals week starts the Saturday before Black Friday which is Saturday November 19th. Plus, it looks like Amazon is going to be releasing some countdown deals until then so I will be posting those as they come available. 🙂

Amazon Launches “Countdown to Black Friday Deals Week”

Here’s one deal I found already:

Buy one, get one photo book
Amazon Launches “Countdown to Black Friday Deals Week”
Just in time for the holiday season, buy one photo book and get a second one free.

Turn photos from your camera or phone into cherished keepsakes with Amazon Prints. You can create high-quality, custom photo books to display your favorite moments or for perfect personalized gifts.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Sign in to Amazon Prints with your Amazon account
  2. Create custom photo books with your favorite images
  3. Apply this code at checkout: NOVBOOKBOGO

This offer is eligible for both Premium Layflat and Hardcover photo books.

See the buy one get one free photobook offer >>>

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Amazon Prime Fresh Drops to $14.99/month for Prime Members + $40 Off Your First Order!


Amazon’s grocery delivery service just dropped in price to $14.99/month! Before it was an add-on to the Amazon Prime membership for $299/year which means is was about $25/month so this is an excellent deal!

Existing Prime Fresh members like myself will go to the month to month at the end of the subscription period. See Amazon Prime Fresh >>>

Amazon Fresh Offer

Amazon Family Fresh Offer

Plus, NEW Amazon Family Members (FREE for Prime Members – sign up here), can get an extra $40 off a first grocery order of $75 or more when you use code FAMILYFRESH at checkout! This also includes an extra 20% off diapers without even having to use subscribe & save! See this page for details >>>

Even sweeter, you can do a 30 day FREE trial here to check out if the service is right for you!

prime fresh now

While I was critical at first, I use this service myself and it has cut down on my stress since if I need anything all I have to do is place an order and let them know when I am hope for it to be delivered. The best part is that I am always stocked up on the heavy things I never like carrying myself like cases of bottled water.

Try out a FREE 30 Trial of Prime Fresh here >>>

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Introducing Amazon Prime Reading – Prime Members Read Magazines & Books for FREE!

Amazon Prime Reading

Amazon just introduced yet another benefit for Amazon Prime Members! You can now read as much as you want from thousands of books, magazines, comics, Kindle Singles and more! With fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, short works, and magazines right off the newsstand. you’ll always find something to read.

Kindle Reading Apps

You don’t need a Kindle device to enjoy Prime Reading. With the FREE Kindle apps for iOS and Android, you can read on any device as well as on any Kindle or Fire tablet. Download the Kindle app, read anytime, anywhere.

Below are some awesome books and magazines I found that you can start reading right away:

Amazon Prime Reading

Download and read while they’re FREE!

See everything available in Amazon Prime Reading >>>

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Amazon bans incentivized reviews tied to free or discounted products

Amazon Packages

I thought this news was pretty interesting. Remember those websites you can use to get discounted products in return for reviews? Well they will soon be a thing of the past… Amazon announced today that these sites will no longer be allowed to offer discounted or free products for reviews. I think this is a great move.

Here’s what Amazon said in their latest blog post:

Today, we updated the community guidelines to prohibit incentivized reviews unless they are facilitated through the Amazon Vine program. We launched Vine several years ago to carefully facilitate these kinds of reviews and have been happy with feedback from customers and vendors.

According to Tech Crunch:

In general, shoppers have begun to distrust these reviews because they believe them to be biased. That’s not just a “feeling,” as it turns out – a recent study of over 7 million reviews indicated that the average rating for products with incentivized reviews was higher than non-incentivized ones. (That is, a 4.74 average rating versus a 4.36 average rating, out of 5 stars).

Even with this 0.38 star difference, the impact was substantial – boosting products from the 54th percentile to the 94th percentile. Effectively, incentivized reviews could create top-rated products.

The study also found that incentivized reviewers were 12 times less likely to give a 1-star rating than non-incentivized reviews, and almost 4 times less likely to leave a critical review in general.

Technically, these reviewers are not compensated with cash, but writing reviews has become a windfall of sorts. Those who participate in incentivized reviews have written an average of 232 reviews, the study indicated, while those who have not, only wrote an average of 31 reviews. That’s a lot of free and discounted products for these ‘non-compensated’ reviewers!

Read the full Tech Crunch Article here >>>

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Amazon Prime membership will likely be discounted to $68 this Friday!

Amazon Packages

According to an AFTV News article, Amazon will likely be offering a discount sign up for Prime Membership on Friday. If you’ve been thinking about becoming a Prime Member or know someone who complains about how expensive Prime is you may want to let them know about this sale.

I’ve paid $99 for my Prime Membership and you guys see how many discounts I find daily. The membership has paid for itself about 6 times over this year alone!

Amazon has fallen into the habit of discounting the price of Prime membership to celebrate award show wins. They dropped the price of Prime to $72 after winning at the 72nd Golden Globes, to $67 after winning at the 67th Emmys, and to $73 after winning at the 73rd Golden Globes. Amazon just won 6 Emmy awards at the 68th Emmys, so there’s a good chance they’ll be discounting Prime membership to $68 very soon.

The sale usually happens the Friday that follows the award show and lasts only one day. So if you’ve been thinking of signing up for Prime, or giving a year of Prime membership as a gift to someone, mark your calendar and wait until this Friday. These award show discounts are usually the only time the price of Prime membership is ever reduced.

Full Article: http://www.aftvnews.com/amazon-prime-membership-will-likely-be-discounted-to-68-this-friday/

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Amazon Leases 40 New Airplanes, Brands them “Prime Air”

Amazon Buys 40 New Airplanes, Brands them "Prime Air"

In an effort to streamline delivery and perhaps even cut out the middleman, Amazon leased 40 new airplanes and branded them “Amazon Prime Air“. While these aren’t quite the drones Amazon was working on for their Prime Air program, hopefully these new planes will cut down on delivery time and costs. 🙂 Don’t be surprised if you see these planes in the wild.

From the article here:

Amazon’s shipping costs have been rising more quickly than sales, and having its own cargo fleet could help stem the rise. Amazon said last month its second-quarter shipping expenses rose 44% to $3.36 billion, while sales rose 31%.

Notably, the Prime Air designation has been used until now for Amazon’s nascent drone delivery program. Prime refers to Amazon’s $99-per-year unlimited two-day shipping program.

Amazon was expected to put the plane on public display on Friday at the Boeing Seafair Air Show in its hometown of Seattle.

Read the full WSJ article >>>

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