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Baby-Vac Nasal Aspirator $16.75 Shipped (Awesome Reviews!)

If you’re going to be welcoming a new baby soon or are looking for a nice baby gift, check out what reader Erica emailed me about this Baby Vac Nasal Aspirator currently priced at $16.75 + FREE shipping on Amazon (scroll down to get this price):

“I bought this a few months at the regular price of $29.99. I rarely pay full price, but I was desperate to help my baby get his boogies out. It is amazing!! Well, today I saw it for $16.75 shipped on AMAZON. I tried all sorts of aspirators, this is #1 in my house.”

Plus, this product has all 5 star reviews by 15 people! Check out a few of their reviews:

I discovered this nasal aspirator from my doctor who uses it in his office for small babies. After watching how effective it was, I bought one! I am so glad I bought this, it has helped lessen the amount of possible nasal and bronchial infections my children would’ve gotten if I had not invested in this thing. They catch colds from school and each other and both of them are not very good at blowing their noses even though they try. All I do is spray a little saline into their noses and then vac. Don’t be deterred by seeing their snots in the tube, it’s a little gross at first but it’s actually very helpful to see the color of their snots. It helps you determine if they are getting a sinus infection. It works so very well and easy to clean!

This is one of my top 5 baby gear items! The vacuum cleans out the mucus so effectively and quickly, and my son asks to use it and puts it up to his nose. The Baby Vac is a wonderful way to prevent more serious sickness when runny noses appear.

One of the best products that we’ve bought for our baby highly suggest!! Our little girl much prefers this to any of the bulb type or parent powered straw suction ones. LOL not that she ever likes getting her nose cleared, but this is the one she hates the least, and is the easiest for us to use! Win Win!



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