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Amazon Prime Fresh: 30 Day FREE Trial & $40 Off Your First Order (Select Cities)

Note: This deal is more than a year old and is not available any more. To see the latest Amazon offers go to the homepage >>>

Amazon Prime Fresh: 30 Day FREE Trial & $40 Off Your First Order

I think Amazon are really trying hard to get me to try Amazon Prime Fresh – their new delivery service which they’re aggressively promoting. Not only can you get a FREE 30 Day Trial, but select cities can score $40 off the first order when you use promo code 40FRESHOFFER and follow the instructions here.

Amazon Fresh

What does Amazon Prime Fresh cost?

Amazon Prime Fresh costs $299/year but they advertise it as $3.85/week, which when I think about it, I might gladly pay $3.85/week to get my grocery shopping delivered. I am no genius, but $3.85 x 52 weeks actually adds up to $200 so I decided to investigate further.

In the fine print (which they should do a better job of emphasizing), it states:

Existing Prime members will be refunded for their Prime membership on a pro-rated basis after your 30-day free trial.

Meaning that this $299/year for Amazon Prime Fresh membership also includes Amazon Prime/Parent so it’s just an additional $200/year. Prime Fresh membership is available as an upgrade of Amazon Prime, which includes all the benefits of Prime plus access to AmazonFresh. Makes more sense.

Also, just an FYI, delivery for Prime Fresh is only free on deliveries of $40 or more. If this is in the fine print it must mean that most deliveries are above $40 anyways. I can’t see what the delivery fee would be for orders below $40.

prime fresh now

How is Amazon Prime Fresh different to Amazon Prime Now?

Amazon Prime Now is available is select cities, as is Amazon Prime Fresh. They’re both Amazon grocery delivery services, so what’s different?


Prime Fresh membership is available as an upgrade of Amazon Prime, which includes all the benefits of Prime plus access to AmazonFresh.

Amazon Prime Fresh has a lot of grocery products that Amazon Prime now does not including fresh fish/meats, dairy and bakery items. The experience seems to very accurately simulate the same as shopping on yourfavoritegrocerystore.com except with the Amazon interface. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a service with the word “Fresh” in the name.

Amazon Prime Fresh

They also currently have $10/1.5lb King Crab! That’s something I am not seeing at Amazon Prime Now.

Amazon Prime Now

While Amazon Prime now has produce and dairy too their selection is really limited. I’ve maybe had a total of 7 deliveries since using the service and I have found I can’t get certain things I’d like such as more varieties of mushrooms or even heads of lettuce.


Amazon Prime Now: Included in Amazon Prime membership which is $99/year and offers FREE delivery providing you’re not ordering for delivery within the next 2 hours.

Amazon Fresh: An upgrade of the Amazon Prime membership which is $299/year and includes all Amazon Prime benefits. FREE delivery on all orders $40 or more – which makes me question with this membership cost if delivery is actually free…

Cost of Items


Taking 20 or so minutes to look around and compare Amazon Prime Fresh product prices (on the left in the above image) and Amazon Prime Now prices I couldn’t conclusively say which one was typically cheaper.


Is Amazon Prime Now the gateway drug to Amazon Prime Fresh? Though I’ve enjoyed free delivery with Prime Now, it frustrates me that I can’t get certain products like fresh fish. In a world where I barely have the time to see friends regularly I find that convenience is becoming more and more important to me, especially as a millennial.

So will I try Amazon Prime Fresh? Yes. Heck $40 FREE and 4 weeks of grocery delivery is enough to make me want to try it. I am going to start the free trial when I am back next week from a bachelorette weekend for a friend who is getting married next month. I am not even sure if I will continue the membership, but for the right incentive, which Amazon are now finally providing, why not try it?

I am 50/50 on whether I would continue a membership but who knows, I may feel different after actually trying the service.

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