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Hey guys, I am Sarah and I am the admin/poster of this site. Add us on Facebook to get notified of the latest deals. They go fast and I wouldn’t want the JDB.com readers to lose out on the deals. I put a lot of love into this site and I scan Amazon daily for deals you could use.

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The holidays are coming and my helpers and I have been working on systems to bring you the holiday deals on:

  • Children’s Toys (Barbie, dora, Melissa & Doug etc)
  • Household items (always a necessity )
  • Gift sets! (Burt’s Bees, Body shop etc)
  • Power tools and socks – for the guys
  • Designer clothes
  • Tech gadget deals
  • Gift certificate deals

In October you will see major redesigns to the site and we will present to you easier way to scan for the deals on the things you want and need for the holidays. So bare with us, this site will be set up to be easier for you. 🙂 Add us on Facebook!



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